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#ac cars

  1. 1234G

    Chevron B16 0.1.1

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Please take a look at our new mod, the Chevron B16. Many thanks for the idea for Medilloni! :thumbsup: The Chevron needs some work on the modelling yet, but there is a more important thing yet. I don't know how it feels to drive this beast, so I'll need some help to...
  2. Den_88

    Cars Black exhaust flame

    Hello everyone. When using the VOLVO FH FORMULA TRUCK and MERCEDES-BENZ L-SERIES FORMULA TRUCK mod, I saw that the exhaust flame is black. I consider this incorrect:O_o:, tell me how to make it the right color? Thanks. UPD. I know that a diesel engine does not have such an exhaust as a gasoline...