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  1. K

    #1 Peugeot Sport Classic Livery 2020-07-04

    Put the livery from the 1992 Peugeot 905 on the 2007 908HDI FAP. Next to the Bentley Speed 8, the 908 is probably my fav under the LMP1's. Enjoy the skin!
  2. A

    Peugeot 908 LMP1 Toyota ts050 1.0

    Peugeot 908 replacing Toyota ts050 hybrid livery
  3. MadMat

    Porsche 908 LH - 1969 Spa #25 v1.0

    Porsche 908 LH #25 driven by Joseph Siffert and Brian Redman at 1969 Spa 1000kms