1. R

    Pessio Garage YPF Team Skin 1.0

    My first skin.
  2. Pessio

    Pessio Garage RD1 "Porknose" 1.31 fix

    Built from scratch to pay homage to the formula of the 60s and as a gift to the RaceDepartment community, the RD1 is in effect a F1 car from the late 1960s, but with more modern technologies and driveability. Built on a tube frame, just little bigger to comfortably accommodate even taller...
  3. FFF789

    Fuji 1968 GP layout cameras 1.0

    A "TV Fuji" camera file - some looong shots mixed with a couple of static shots. This is only for the GP version, with a big banked turn 1. Might do the other layouts if wanted. This will be added beside the original camera file. Didn't like that one for my replays :) too much FOV. Very cool...