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488 gt3 evo

  1. GTR3Legend

    2021 #3 Easy Race Italian GT Championship 1.0

    Based on the Monza sprint round, nearly 100% accurate but missing one unidentifiable sticker.
  2. GTR3Legend

    2021 #58 RAM Autoracing Italian GT Championship 1.0

    As run in this years Italian GT Championship., specifically the Monza round as the extra sponsor looks better to me.
  3. GTR3Legend

    2021 #51/#71/#83 Iron Lynx/Dames GTWC 1.1

    My conversion of @ZL1 's Iron Lynx skins to ACC, with minor tweaks and the Iron Dames livery by myself. Download the original for AC1 here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ferrari-488-gt3-evo-iron-lynx-51-71-2021-gt-world-challenge-europe.41811/
  4. ZL1

    Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO | Iron Lynx #51, #71 & #83 | 2021 GT World Challenge Europe V2.0

    Presenting the Iron Lynx squad at the 2021 GT World Challenge Europe The liveries are meant to be used w/ the endurance version of BK Studio's 488 GT3 Evo. Special thanks for those at BK who have assisted me a lot during the process of completing this. The #51 driven by Niklas Nielsen...
  5. GTR3Legend

    2021 #9 Pacific CarGuy Racing (Includes bonus test livery) 1.0

    My best attempt at creating the new CarGuy SGT skin for ACC, includes a bonus preseason test livery and both liveries come with Pirelli and Yokohama versions. Neither are 100% accurate.
  6. ohyeah2389

    2003 BMS Scuderia Italia #23 1.4

    A replica of BMS's 2003 #23 livery on the Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO. I originally did this skin for iRacing (https://www.tradingpaints.com/showroom/view/286026/2003-Ferrari-550-23-BMS-Scuderia-Italia), and I had some problems converting it to ACC, mainly with the rear bumper. Some logos aren't...