1. carTOON

    Pebble Beach Revival 1.00

    Pebble Beach Revival GTL v 1.00 [2020] created by barcika Length = 2.052 miles/3.303 km Grid = 36 -------------------------------------- Google Earth GPS Vizualizer GPX2KML 3D Route Builder -------------------------------------- BobsTrackBuilder BTBXpacker 3dsMax 3dSimED GEditor Photoshop...
  2. carTOON

    Montagna di Pietra 1.00

    Montagna di Pietra GTL v1.00 created by barcika (aka carTOON) Location = Italy Length = 2.783 miles/4.480 km Grid = 36 CREDITS BobsTrackBuilder BTBXpacker AIW Repaire 3dsMax 3dSimED GEditor Photoshop SimBin Contact: curiosist@freemail.hu Install: extract the zip GTL\GameData\Locations
  3. C

    General Chrome Gold Custom Shaders Help

    i'm new to AC modding and had a question about using 3dsim to create a nice gold chrome. I'm having trouble getting a good looking gold chrome. I know how to get a really nice chrome/nickel but after some research i'm coming up short on how to get a proper chrome gold. Any help would be much...
  4. K

    added objects have no collsion with proper naming

    I'm editing tracks for a league I organise to prevent cutting the track and all kerbs added in 3Dsimed are collisionless. I named the object xxkerb with successive id numbers. Kerbs themselves are made in Blender and exported in fbx format. IsActive is enabled with them in ksEditor
  5. abrimaal

    How to save AIW in 3DSimED? (track editing)

    I have modified one of existing Race07 tracks for SUV racing. I doubled the height (Z axis) and replaced the .gmt models. Now the track height is doubled and it looks good in the game. (buildings, trees and other tall objects will be excluded from the track .trk) But cars are driving above or...
  6. carTOON

    Wakefield Park Raceway 1.00

    Wakefield Park Raceway GTL v1.00 created by barcika Wakefield Park Raceway is a 2.2 km (1.4 mi) motor racing circuit located near Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia. It is named after Charles Cheers Wakefield, the founder of Castrol Oil. The founder of Wakefield Park, amateur racer and former...
  7. Littlefysh

    Using 3DSimED3 with AMS

    I want to start off by saying that I've looked for a goodly while for anything to help. What I want to do is use 3dsimed to create liveries for existing cars. Could somebody please direct me to, or write a step-by-step guide on importing a model and livery, and exporting a model and livery up to...
  8. mclbarri

    Exporting cars from 3dsimed to 3ds

    Hi, I'm new to this site and first of all I want to thank you all for all the material you've posted here. I'm a F1 fan and I love to play with F1 car 3D models, so you've made me very happy. I'm trying now to export the F1 2012 cars from the .pssg files to .3ds using 3dsimed. I'm able to open...