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3d printing

  1. S

    Lockdown Project- Who says you cant Mod a Thrustmaster TMX

    Hi All, First post on these forums but wanted to share my lockdown project! Hopefully will get round to posting pictures when I dig them out on my PC. My friends and I have been watching F1 for a few years, and when lockdown put a halt to both the F1 and the joy of going to the pub to watch...
  2. G-Slev

    3d Printing

    So, I've just been given a Monoprice Selec Mini Pro 3d printer for my birthday. I am just running a test print, but my plan is to use it to 3d print bits and bobs for simracing DIY projects. Is anyone here into 3d printing, and if so, could you point me to any useful resources please?
  3. O

    Ford GTE Steering Wheel pictur in iRacing

    Hello Guys, can someone take a picture of the Ford Gte Steering Wheel in iRacing, where you can see the whole wheel accurate from the front. I need it for a guy who is doing custom wheels. thanks oenl