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2nd timing screen

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    Fourth/quad Monitor Leaderboard and Infoscreen 1.0

    IMPORTANT! This dash will work on any title so it's not limited to AC. RD does not have a section for game agnostic resources so I decided to place it in the AC section. Hi all, I've allways found the leaderboard that comes with Simhub as standard to be a bit too bright for my taste so I made...
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    Nextion 3.2" F1 2020 Dashboard + 2nd timing screen Nextion 3.2 v1.03 + 2nd screen v1.2

    2 kinds of dashboards i made and use. - A nice dashboard on or behind your steeringwheel - a timing screen for on second monitor or tablet, and keep track about laptimes and a good overview on the circuit map 1. Nextion 3.2 F1 dashboard Only for Nextion 3.2 screens Test everything in the F1...