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  1. G

    Cars Virtua LM Group C Mod 1990 - 2000

    Hello there, IM just going to be Straight here. so as you can see from the title. yes we going to convert Virtua LM group c mod to Assetto Corsa. if you may ask, why would I convert this low poly group c cars from 12 years ago, rather then making them high quality super detailed and etc. Let me...
  2. T

    1990 NASCAR Winston Cup Series 1.0

    60 skins included from the 1990 season. These original CUP90 skins have been upscaled to 2k using Neural Enhance. The cars can be downloaded here and also require this driver model to work. Thanks to Denis Rioux for the original mod and allowing this conversion to AC, cc48 & psugorilla for...
  3. FoolInjection

    BTCC '90 - VLM Auto-Audio - Jeff Allam 1.0

    Jeff Allam's car from the 1990 British Touring Car Championship season. The Auto-Audio sponsored Vic Lee Motorsport BMW M3 E30. ***Installation*** Extract to your "Steam\steamapps\common\Automobilista 2" folder
  4. carmar

    Porsche 962c shorttail, Dauer Racing, TicTac, No. 33, 2k+3k+4k v1.0

  5. abrimaal

    Elkhart Lake 90 202012

    Based on Road America / Elkhart Lake track by SimBin After Thruxton 1985 this is the next graphic mod being a tribute to classic games and retro computers. This track probably will never be finished, it was intended to release it in December 2019, but there was too much not done. Now it's...
  6. iancurtis

    Lancia Delta HF Integrale | 1990 | Group A 1.1

    Livery for il gorillona Installation - Copy the PNG-File into: Steam\steamapps\common\artofrally\artofrally_Data\StreamingAssets\Liveries\group a\il gorillona\ Here is the download of the 1992 Version All liveries were made from scratch by my own - no conversion or copy. I don't mind if...
  7. aap15

    Nissan skyline BNR32 Gr.A 1990 skin pack 0.1

    this skin pack is made for the nissan skyline bnr32. The skin pack has 4 liveries based on real life cars, the BP Oil Trampio #11, Kyoseki #55, Unisia jecs #1 and the Zexel #25. I tried my best to recreate the skins as close as possible but this has had to be the worst template I have worked...
  8. carmar

    Porsche 962c shorttail, Joest Racing, DB Groupe, No. 6, 2k+3k+4k v1.0

  9. MajkiMajk

    Nissan GT-R Ciesse Piumini '90 #22 1.0

    Hi, Classic Ciesse Piumini from 1990. Drivers: K. Shimizu and M. Kageyama
  10. MajkiMajk

    Nissan GT-R Castrol '90 #23 1.0

    Hi, Classic Castrol from Macau Guia 1990. Driver: M. Hasemi
  11. Lt_Spirit

    Team Ice Cream skin 1.0

    ESP: Otra skin basada en el equipo ficticio "Team Ice Cream" de los streamers Borja Zazo y Heikki360Es, esta vez para el increible mod de Race Sim Studio "Formula RSS 1990 V12". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  12. Qtaro

    Tyrrell F1 Livery for Formula RSS 1990 1.1

    Credits: @J Andrews - Pirelli tyres @Marco17_ok - ACSPRH Tyrrell 019 livery for the RSS 1990 F1 car. Must have ACSPRH for the helmets to work.
  13. Daran müssen sich FORMEL 1 MODS zukünftig messen! | Formula RSS 1990 VR Gameplay

    Daran müssen sich FORMEL 1 MODS zukünftig messen! | Formula RSS 1990 VR Gameplay

    Das RSS in Sachen Assetto Corsa Mods das Nonplusultra ist, ist schon länger bekannt. Nun hat die Rennschmiede aber ihr neustes Meisterwerk auf den Markt geschmissen, welches sich mit einem rassigen V12 in den Vordergrund drängt. Was der Formula RSS 1990 so kann und ob sich der Kauf lohnt, erfahrt ih
  14. mhenstri

    RSS Formula 1990 - Leyton House 2.0

    Quick Leyton House team liveries for the RSS Formula 1990s car to help fill out the grid.
  15. Qtaro

    Minardi F1 Team Livery for Formula RSS 1990 1.3

    Credits; @J Andrews - Pirelli tyres Minardi M190 livery for the RSS 1990 F1 car. Driver helmets: Martini Barilla
  16. carmar

    Porsche 962c shorttail, Kremer Racing, Peter Klasen Art, No. 11, 2k+3k+4k v1.0

  17. J13

    Classic McLaren (90 and 91) Steering Wheel Fix [REQUESTED] v1

    This mod fixes the inaccuracy of the classic McLarens from 1990 and 1991. It replaces the Shell logo with the white Honda logo seen on the actual car. For some reason the text in the Honda logo kept coming out weird, so i've just done the logo itself. Manual ERP Archiver installation and copy...
  18. THE Giulliano Larin

    Dousojin Touge and Dousojin Touge 1990 camtool cameras (GiuNiral) 2020-07-27

    I can't drift. But I can help with some camera work =D
  19. JackGeeza

    Greentrees Industrial [UK STREET RACING] 0.1

    The Greentrees Industrial Estate (based on a real location) was a street racing hotspot in the 1990s. It's simple, but fast layout was perfect for UK 90s car culture. From small, front wheel drive hatchbacks to high horse power saloons, this street racing circuit has something for every type of...
  20. carmar

    Porsche 962c shorttail, Alpha Racing Team, Taisan, No. 2, 2k+3k+4k v1.0