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  1. Pasta2000

    Porsche 917k - Nürburgring 1000km 1970 #49 (4K) 1.0

    Last of the skins today, this is a car that did not compete in the actual race itself, so you can do it for them now - 51 years later! >custom JSON >4k high res ultra hd bluray >custom made decals >girls will love you if you drive this
  2. Pasta2000

    Alfa Romeo GTA - Nürburgring 1000km 1970 #94 (4K) 1.0

    Replica skin of the Alfa Romeo GTA that appeared at the 1970 Nürburgring 1000km race. Driven by Peter Otto and Jörg Klasen to a 28th place overall. >custom JSON >revamped decals >4K >pretty cool (can't upload the ingame screens for some reason, so just take my word on this one)
  3. Mathonner

    Plymouth AAR Hemi Cuda GRID skinpack 1

    GRID skinpack for the Trans Am Plymouth AAR Hemi Cuda from 1970, it contain all the skins available from the original game, it also come with double variants so you can have a teammate. Any constructive feedback is appreciated
  4. A

    Lotus 72 (monza car) Jochen Rindt Skin 1.0

    Jochen Rindt livery Lotus 72C 1970 Monza Spec' by Legion skin + mod download link in the zip files
  5. PR0JECTNR56

    Porsche 917LH LM24H 1970 #3 (8K / 4K) 1.1

    Introduction: Porsche arrived to the 1970's 24 hours of Le Mans with two 917LHs, one assigned to Porsche Konstruktionen Salzburg, the other one arrived to Martini International Racing Team's garage. The iconic duo of Gérard Larrousse and Willi Kauhsen finished second place with the "Psychedelic...
  6. LeSunTzu

    Alfa Romeo GTAm - DNRT 1970 - Nico Chiotakis 2019-09-21

    A Dutch GTAm.
  7. skl1984

    Renault Alpine A110 K. Lamprou - G. Kollias in the Golden Rally Show 2014 V.1

    Renault Alpine A110 K. Lamprou - G. Kollias in the Golden Rally Show 2014 Instal: Just copy the folder frtom the zip file to the game directory "cars" Hope you like it ;)
  8. Harry Eichler

    Porsche 917K Gulf 1970 No Number 1.0

    This skin is of the Gulf Porsche 917K without any number. The Porsche 917K was a very successful race car in the early 1970's winning Le mans 2 times in a row in 1970 and 1971. The 917K is powered by a 4.5L flat 12. Installation Instructions: Drop the content folder into your Assetto Corsa folder
  9. Guerilla Mods

    Shell/Camel Racing Team 1970 | Porsche Carrera RSR 1.0

    Remake of a classic livery i've made for a 1970 911 in real life ;) Skin is Working on: ac_legends_911rsr_74 and ks_porsche_911_carrera_rsr
  10. Nico

    Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale - Le Mans 1970 Pack 1.2

    A quick recreation of the four Alfa Romeo T33 cars that raced in the 1970 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans for the Autodelta S.p.A team. Including driver data, with one driver per car. Thanks to the site RacingSportsCars.com for the driver data.
  11. Dirk Steffen

    Skins skin request: Porsche 917K #917-007 "GESIPA" 1970 Interserie

    Is this skin already available? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1981275105485703&set=gm.1238295216279134&type=3&theater "an ultra rare photo from our chassis registry "917-007 Gesipa" the last survivor chassis from Le Mans 69' photo by Hootan Harandi 2016(I was lucky enough to visit...
  12. formulaHEINE

    Porsche 917K #23 Le Mans 1970 Winner 1.0

    The skin is a recreation of the 1970 Le Mans 24h winnig Porsche 917K #23 driven by Hans Hermann and Richard Attwood for Porsche KG Salzburg. Happy Hollidays with Santa's new sled! You like my work and want to support me, just click below: install: copy the "000_LeMans70_23_FH"...