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  1. Stereo

    Porsche 912 R 1.1

    Introduction What do you do when you're too tall to pilot a Porsche 356, but all your friends are driving one? You take the slightly larger sequel, put the same engine in it, and technically meet the minimum weight requirements after replacing all the glass with lexan and using a suspiciously...
  2. Highlandwalker

    Howston G4. Ford Racing 1.0

    Howston G4 skin for you vintage racers.
  3. FFF789

    Fuji 1968 GP layout cameras 1.0

    A "TV Fuji" camera file - some looong shots mixed with a couple of static shots. This is only for the GP version, with a big banked turn 1. Might do the other layouts if wanted. This will be added beside the original camera file. Didn't like that one for my replays :) too much FOV. Very cool...
  4. Jose Mendoza

    Sports Cars Unlimited 24h du Le Mans 1968 No.7 Lola T70 MkIIIB GT 2019-10-23

    Hi friends! Another skin for the Fabulous Lola T70 MkIIIB GT from Legion, on this occasion the skin is from the 24 Hours du Le Mans, from the team Sports Cars Unlimited, from Sweden, driven by two Swedish drivers Sten Axelsson and Ulf Norinder, who unfortunately DNF, but the livery is cool :)...