1. Nicecuppatea

    Bugatti type 57G (1937) 1.0

    NOTE: Please don't upload to other sites and remove the RaceDepartment link, but feel free to share the RD link. The other Bugatti 'tank'. Winner of the 1937 Le Mans. Requires the 1923 driver model. Most of the technical info is from the book 'Bugatti Type 57 Grand Prix - A Celebration' by...
  2. crimsonregency

    Assetto Corsa: Pre-War Race Cars & Tracks (1919-1940)

    This is my attempt at creating a list of all the Car & Tracks for Assetto Corsa from the Pre WW2 Era (1919-1940). Please feel free to share any that I have missed. I hope this thread becomes an awesome resource and collection of all the Pre-War mods available for AC. Checkout my new list of...