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  1. R

    V10 1000HP Kart Download ?

    Hello, i saw this video and wanted to try the kart out for myself. But i cant find the download anywhere. Can someone help me ?
  2. Ama FMOD

    9FF Brutal SoundMod 1.0

    Hi everyone, here is a brutal soundmod I made, wasn't expecting it to sound that good ! Enjoy ! ATTENTION : This soundmod uses a custom revlimiter set at 8200rpm make sure to set rev_limiter in you engine.ini at 8200rpm This sound is supposed to be used with this car I uploaded in the video...
  3. Ama FMOD

    9FF/RUF Brutal 1000hp Sound

    Hi eveyone, currently working on a brutal 9FF sound using a modified Kunos Ruf as test car: Let me know what you think ;) The start of the video shows one of the source I used to make the sound Btw I adjusted more levels recently like offload transmission and wind noise it should be way louder...