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Symdeck Motion Simulator - Static Cockpit

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The Symdeck modular motion system consists of platforms which offer different motions that can simply be stacked together to provide the required effect. They can be purchased in any order and you can buy just the ones you need or to suit your budget.

Buy Now from Symdeck - Static Cockpit starts from £870.00 GBP

Choose from a static simulator or up to 5 DOF motion
  • 31 motion options from 5 components
  • plug and play – no assembly required
  • compact design enclosing all electronics and mechanics
  • no separate control boxes required
  • each module is compatible with all other modules in the PC range
  • motion modules compatible with other cockpits
Static Racing Cockpit Details

The Symdeck fully adjustable racing cockpit is lightweight but rigid and pre-drilled for Thrustmaster, Logitech, Fanatec and OSW.
  • Dimensions: L1200mm x W500mm
  • Weight: 27kg (with seat)
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Finish: Powder coated
  • User height range: 1.2M – 2M
  • Weight limit: 130kg

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