Sim-Lab Integrated monitor mount

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A great solution
I used this in conjunction with a GT Omega prime and a Benq ultrawide monitor and it worked perfectly.

All the parts are top quality and the finish is brilliant as you would come to expect with SimLab equipment.

I also tried this on a Next Level Racing FGT Elite and it didn't work because of the angle on the uprights on the cockpit. Not a problem with this product but just in case anyone was thinking of using it with that NLR Cockpit.
Paul Jeffrey
Awesome solution - better than free standing mounts
This is an incredible product!

Using with a 49" Ultrawide monitor with the additional monitor mount for a 27" above and absolutely love it.

Had initial reservations about moving away from a free-standing mount initially, as I was happy with the rigidity of the triple monitor mount and worried about movement from my DD wheel. No such worries at all!

This is such an incredibly useful space saver, no additional room required unlike with standard mounts, so it looks super clean on the eye, offers useful cable management options with the ali profile channels and is perfect for easy alignment of the monitor to really help get it over my wheel, without worry about traditional free standing mounts getting in the way of my other bits on the rig, like speakers and shifters etc.

I'd go so far as to say this is my favourite additional extra I've added to the rig, and under no circumstances would I choose to go back to normal standing monitor brackets.