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Prosimu - T7 Pro Racing Simulator - 6DOF

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The T7 PRO™ is the new benchmark among 6 DOF dynamic simulators for professional training. Powered by seven ProSimu PRS 200 actuators, you could feel the oversteer and understeer effect like in real car.

Buy Now from Prosimu from €28.223.25

In a few words:
  • The new conception of 6 DOF generation is made by ProSimu with seven ProSimu PRS 200 actuators.
  • 6 DOF : Heave/Surge/Sway/Yaw/Roll/Pitch
  • 2 Effects : oversteer and understeer simulation (or front and rear traction loss)
  • 44 movements/sec (road texture effect – vibrations)
  • Max speed: constant 280mm/s and 2G Acceleration for a maximum impact during acceleration and deceleration phase (close to the real car
ProSimu 7 Motion Series Platform and T7 Pro Simulator 6 DOF:

  • Heave/Surge/Sway/Yaw/Roll/Pitch 2 Effects : oversteer and understeer simulation
  • 44 movements / second (no latency)
  • Max speed: 280mm / s
  • Maximum acceleration: 2G Minimum platform height: 43cm
  • Fixed screen: your car is moving on a fixed road, no discomfort
  • Travel actuators available: 100mm / 150mm / 200mm Permissible operating weight: 350kg
  • Communication: CanBus 10Mbit / s ISO 11898 Secure / reliable / efficient and very robust communication - widely used in cars and airbag triggers
  • 2 year warranty (Parts and labor return to the workshop)
  • Simulator without screen: 2000cm x1600cm Simulator with 49 inch Triple Screen Support: (length) 2000cm x (width) 2800cm Weight: 380Kg
  • Works in 220V 16A (compatible in 110V with a 110-> 220V converter not supplied) French Manufacturing Product
  • PROSIMU patented technology
  • CE standard

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