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Motion4Sim Advanced Servo Motion Controller

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I have developed a motion controller for stepper and servo motors as none of the available ones met my requirements for aasd15a servo drive or similiar. This one is now ready and I would like to sell a few of them. In general, the controller is suitable for all kind motion simulators.

Buy Now from ebay.de for EUR 370.00

  • integrated 6dof kinematic realtime calculation up to 1000 calculations / second (for linear and rotating 6dof stewart platforms,more rigs to come)
  • includes cor calculation
  • Washout for 6dof axes
  • adjustable filters
  • dynam. adaptable protection filter for motion spikes
  • up to 20 times higher resolution of the actuators possible at full speed
  • mobile hardware and software handheld device
  • fast 32bit MCU with cache
  • software app for configuration
  • mastergain for motionstream 10% to 400%
  • supporting 24bit and 32bit float telemetrydata
The following software is currently supported
  • Sim Motion (inoff. Build)
  • SimTools (6dof no plugin required)
  • FlyptMover
  • Sim Racing Studio
Supported actuators
  • AASD15A Servo Drive and compatible actuators
  • Stepper motors with pulse / dir input
  • PT Actuators
  • SFX 100/150
  • everything freely adjustable and programmable for each actuator

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