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The CSL Pedals are another attempt by Fanatec to bring build quality and features that sim racers associate with high-end, professional-grade racing hardware to the masses at an affordable price. After their success in bringing Direct Drive technology to the mainstream via the CSL DD, consumers can now have an all-metal pedal set with a load cell brake pedal for a reasonable price.

While the CSL DD’s features relative to its price make it an outlier, the CSL Pedals including the Load Cell kit does have competition. Based on my experiences with entry to mid-tier pedals, the CSLs hold a distinct advantage in build quality, and they are the best pedals I’ve used at this price point.

Without the Load Cell Kit, the $80 / €80 asking price makes the CSL Pedals stand out in the sim hardware market. Add-on pedal sets under $100 / €100 are exceedingly rare, and there are none that I’ve come across that feature construction as robust as the CSL Pedals. The in-game feel of the pedals isn’t as head and shoulders above the competition in this price sector as the build quality, but it is more than adequate and should meet the needs of most sim racers.

Other than some frustrations with mounting them to my rig, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the CSL Pedals so far, and I strongly recommend them to anyone shopping for a set of pedals in this price range.

Read the full review of the CSL Pedals with Load Cell Kit here
What a great piece of engineering. Works wonders. Smashed PBs within 10 laps after fitting. Quality product, you can see where you money has gone.
It went down the drain.
GT Omega's main man Leo Wong sent me a custom made XL seat many years ago.

Equipped with the RaceDepartment logo perfectly embroidered into the seat it's still my main office chair for daily (heavy) use.

GT Omega XL Seat 001.jpg GT Omega XL Seat 002.jpg GT Omega XL Seat 003.jpg
Amazing driving experience and easy to use
I went from a CSL Elite to a DD2 and it was an incredible improvement. The detail I got through the wheel was on a level I had not experienced before.

One thing I loved about it is how easy and user friendly the product was to use. Adjusting settings, updating software etc. Fanatec did a great job with this wheelbase.
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By far the most comfortable seat I have used
The title says it all. This is my kind of seat, nice and comfortable and lots of padding. It might not look as cool as those thin carbon seats but if you ask me I take comfort in the sim rig over looks any day. I also think this looks pretty neat though.
A great solution
I used this in conjunction with a GT Omega prime and a Benq ultrawide monitor and it worked perfectly.

All the parts are top quality and the finish is brilliant as you would come to expect with SimLab equipment.

I also tried this on a Next Level Racing FGT Elite and it didn't work because of the angle on the uprights on the cockpit. Not a problem with this product but just in case anyone was thinking of using it with that NLR Cockpit.
A decent rig with A+ support
I used the GT Omega Prime for almost a year and had zero problems with it. As it's Aluminium profile it was incredibly adaptable and when paired with the GT Omega seats it was super comfortable.

My only gripe with it was that some of the attention to detail parts were not top notch, like the endcaps and exposed corner brackets. This may have been rectified in the last year though.
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Awesome solution - better than free standing mounts
This is an incredible product!

Using with a 49" Ultrawide monitor with the additional monitor mount for a 27" above and absolutely love it.

Had initial reservations about moving away from a free-standing mount initially, as I was happy with the rigidity of the triple monitor mount and worried about movement from my DD wheel. No such worries at all!

This is such an incredibly useful space saver, no additional room required unlike with standard mounts, so it looks super clean on the eye, offers useful cable management options with the ali profile channels and is perfect for easy alignment of the monitor to really help get it over my wheel, without worry about traditional free standing mounts getting in the way of my other bits on the rig, like speakers and shifters etc.

I'd go so far as to say this is my favourite additional extra I've added to the rig, and under no circumstances would I choose to go back to normal standing monitor brackets.

Outstanding Rigidity, Flexible Customisation
Owner for a number of years, very happy chappy!

The SimLab P1 is, for me, arguably the best sim racing cockpit solution on the market. Priced very reasonably in comparison to many similar offerings, the P1 is the absolute last word in rigidity, thanks to the well-known benefits of aluminium profile solutions.

One thing that really stands out with this rig, in comparison to similar designs, is the quality of the finish on all parts. Smooth edges, well-designed fitments such as corner brackets and caps, plus the usual SimLab attention to detail on design and layout all make for an exceptionally straight forward and easy user experience.

Additionally, the level of customization (I have additional button boxes, extra profile for a gearbox tunnel, mountings for 2 shifters and a handbrake plus an extra screen), really works so very well in the favour of this rig. At 6ft 5 I can set my rig and monitors up exactly as I need it for the best experience, and still I can find new and interesting ways to make additional changes - such as the addition of the SimLab colour strips that both look nice for user customisation, but also do a nice job of helping with cable management.

In short, this is by far the best rig I've ever owned, and I would without reservation recommend this to anyone looking to add another layer of ease of use and immersion to their sim racing setup.
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