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GT Omega XL Racing Simulator Seat

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Our XL racing seat features the design of our best-selling pro chair, scaled up for people who want a bit more room in their racing cockpit.

Buy now from GTOmega.com for USD 289,95

By opting for a wider design instead of the traditional racing bucket seat our XL racing seat sets itself above the competition when it comes to accessibility for larger users.

Designed to offer the highest levels of comfort, extra leg room and superior support the XL racing seat is an excellent choice for any sim racing enthusiast.

Latest reviews

GT Omega's main man Leo Wong sent me a custom made XL seat many years ago.

Equipped with the RaceDepartment logo perfectly embroidered into the seat it's still my main office chair for daily (heavy) use.

GT Omega XL Seat 001.jpg GT Omega XL Seat 002.jpg GT Omega XL Seat 003.jpg

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Bram Hengeveld
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