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GT Omega ELITE Series

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The ELITE Series is designed to enhance your gaming experience.

Buy now from GTOmega.com for USD 299,95

A combination of form and function, these chairs are designed to give a wide range of adjustability to fit gamers preferences and movements throughout the day. Featuring high-quality, reinforced PVC and soft, supportive padding designed for long lasting comfort. This is a chair you can use all day and still feel great. Featuring a height adjustable mechanism, side recliners, removable lumbar and neck support cushions and 4D arm rests, you will always find the perfect fit. The ELITE Series gives our users the perfect comfort and support they deserve to grind long gaming sessions.

With the additional cushioning and sleek new design, it's not hard to see why we consider this design ELITE.

The ELITE Series is available in 4 colour variants – black, blue, red and white allowing you to add that perfect centrepiece to your home office or gaming room.

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