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Fanatec Podium Mountain Brackets

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Securely mount your Podium Series wheel base to your rig using these ultra-strong, side-mounted brackets.

Buy now from Fanatec.com for EUR 249,95

Specially designed to bolt to the side-mount holes of the Podium Series wheel bases. Constructed using a double layer of 12mm-thick, CNC-machined, solid aluminium, the bracket arms provide an immensely strong bracing.

Style and Practicality
Anodised gold finish, precision chamfered edges, and stainless steel bolts enhance the visual impact of the Podium Series direct drive systems. The side-mount solution improves the clearance below the base compared to a bottom mount.

Designed for both the RennSport Cockpit V2 and aluminium profile rigs using the popular 40x40mm and 40x80mm sizes

RennSport Cockpit V2
Transform the look of the RennSport Cockpit V2. The Podium Mounting Brackets clamp securely to the vertical tubes, replacing the wheel base plate, significantly increasing the structural rigidity of the chassis.

Aluminium profile also supported
The brackets have been shaped to clamp to both round tubes and typical 40mm-thick, ‘square’ aluminium profile. Long and short screws are included in the box, allowing for installation on 40x40mm and 40x80mm profiles.

With multiple slots for adjusting wheel base angle, the Podium Mounting Brackets can help to fine-tune your ideal driving position.

Angle adjustments
The angle of the base can be adjusted in several ways: a choice of two fixed angle holes, plus curved slots for fine-tuning, and the option to invert the mounting plates.

Width adjustments
The inner spacer on each side allows for bracket width adjustment, for compatibility with different aluminium profile upright spacings. Width range is between 450mm and 600mm.

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Cockpits / Mountings
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Bram Hengeveld
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