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  1. Zimmer Man

    Sell Oculus rift s

    Will be selling in a few weeks once HP reverb G2 gets delivered, I bought from Amazon May 23rd 2020 so not even 6 months old. Comes complete and with a silicon face mask pad all in grade a condition. PM me
  2. ColinMac

    Sell Oculus Rift CV1 kit.

    Seemingly unlike all the others for sale just now, this one has been used more than twice. However, it is in immaculate condition as you can see from the photos. The controllers have barely been used and it has never been clattered into walls or dropped on the floor as I only ever used it...
  3. J

    Sell Oculus rift S

    Hi I have a one year old Oculus rift S for sale looking for £200 including delivery. Will need a new face cover other than that in full working order. Uk shipping only it doesn't need a whole new face cover just the sweat band. Comes in original box with both controllers.
  4. Shincha20

    Oculus Rift S opening multiple browser windows, blocking in game commands

    Hi, I’m quite desperate here. After a bit more then a year ago I bought an Oculus Rift S and it was all fun. Since the announcement Oculus would move completely to FaceBoock accounts but telling us the old Oculus Account would do for a few years, I get constant and multiple browser pop ups in...
  5. D

    Sell UK - Oculus Rift CV1

    Had a lot of fun over the past year with it. Only selling as I've embraced triples ;) In good, but used, condition. Headset has general signs of use, but nothing major. 1x Headset 2x Sensors 2x Hand controllers In original box. I'm based in South West London. Pick up ideal. Will negotiate...
  6. 640er

    Sell Oculus Rift CV1

    I've bought a barely used Rift CV1 a few days ago to have a look at AC in VR. Unfortunatly at the current state I can't get comfortable with it so I'm giving it away. The headset is in TOP condition and comes with usual original accessories (XBOX Controller + Dongle and USB extension, Remote...
  7. Allyngr

    Sell Oculus Rift CV1

    Sold Bought as a bundle with a P1 but not needed as prefer triples. Still got the cellophane plastic on parts of it. Very good condition with all packaging and two light towers on Facebook at £280 but will accept £230
  8. Rainman2020

    Valve Index or Oculus Rift S (and motion sickness) rigs), and he is helping me put my computer upgrade, rig and sim gear together and building it for me! He actually recommends the Oculus Rift S as his favorite VR headset, and he says that preventing motion sickness is much more about keeping the Rift S at a constant 80fps than it is...
  9. Will Norman

    Sell Oculus Rift S (UK)

    Sold elsewhere.
  10. B

    Use an IPhone as a VR headset alternative ?

    I have an IPhone XR and I ve seen that some apps like IVRy can make your phone run like a VR headset with SteamVR. As I only have a poor 24inches screen, witch not immersive at all, and that I don’t want to spend to much on a VR headset, I thought that might be a good idea to increase my...
  11. Furiouslee1

    Sell Another Oculus Rift S for sale (Used for 10 Minutes)

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Hi Guys Another Oculus Rift S for sale Used for 10 minutes on Sunday, instantly hit with motion sickness, now looking at triple monitors instead. Just looking to get my money back so please don't roast me (they are still in short supply and not available in all parts of the...
  12. Simon Norman

    Sell Oculus Rift S (UK)

    Oculus Rift S. Bought last November. Only used for around 3 or 4 hours on the very first weekend of purchase. Made me violently ill with motion sickness :( In very good condition. £300 - Cash on collection from Mansfield, Notts. UK. - UPDATE: NOW SOLD PM me if interested. Interested parties...
  13. Y

    Sell Oculus Rift S [UK]

    Oculus Rift S I bought this earlier in the year to test / compare to my modded vive pro. After a little use I have decided I prefer the vive, so this is now for sale. Price: SOLD
  14. J

    Sell For Sale Oculus Rift CV1

    Oculus Rift CV1 for sale. Location of Melbourne Australia
  15. J

    Sell Oculus Rift CV1

    Hi All, I upgraded to an Oculus Rift S 8 months ago and have an Oculus Rift CV1 in excellent condition for sale. Please make an offer. Location is Melbourne Australia.
  16. Kek700

    Sell Oculus Rift S for sale.

    Oculus Rift S pictures to follow if requested. I live in Milton Keynes, prefer pick up, will post if I have to, assuming anyone is interested. I have used it four times. any sensible offer, :)
  17. E

    Oculus Rift S, expected FPS in VR - feels like they’re restricted?

    Think I’ve found a solution! thanks
  18. ko41

    Sell Oculus Rift CV1 USA only

    SOLD Lightly used for racing sims. Headset, 2 Touch controllers, 2 sensors, 2 new VR covers, batteries and instructions. Excellent condition except for where I cut the foam on the bottom of the sensor stands to apply Velcro to attach them to my sim rig. $225 + $25 shipping to 48 states SOLD
  19. Elaphe

    Loading screen in VR (Oculus Rift S)

    When I launch AC in VR I can see a grey screen with a small icon (something like a mountain) and then the same icon but much bigger, distorted and horribly pixelated. Does this screen belong to AC or to the Oculus software? Is there any way to get rid of it, subsitute it with the original AC...
  20. MuscleGamerHD

    Logitech g29 not working with Oculus rift

    Hello i have a problem with assetto corsa, when i launch it in vr with oculus rift my g29 wheel,shifter,and pedals stop working ..i try everything but didn't work...please help me to solve it THANKS :(