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    Kuadonvaara track

    Thank you for the Pacenotes. Its a good add if someone wants to drive it with the notes ! :)
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    Kuadonvaara track

    Download link added to the first post
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    Released Kuadonvaara

    its out.
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    Kuadonvaara track

    Kuadonvaara new winter track to RBR I have the thread at BTB forum but I place the thread here also as it is original format track. Maybe gets more eyes here. "EDIT: Status is released." The base job is done with BTB. Most of the track desing and...
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    WIP Kuadonvaara

    Track to original format. Status is ready but not quite yet released. The base job is done with BTB. Most of the track desing and planting objects etc. Offcourse many changes are made after to get all out from original format.
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    Hoping this is not a sign of things to come

    I think you got me little bit wrong . Me and most of us hope the best quality scratch made tracks off course just like you ( and I believe or am almost sure that so does the one who made this so much talked conversion ). But if you make easy modding , there is no question there is going to be...
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    Hoping this is not a sign of things to come

    There is only one answer and thruth to this thing to say: If we want full modding possibilities there is no way we can avoid conversions. People going to make those anyway. Another option is not to have full / easy modding possibilties. I gues we all want so we just have to live with that. Don´t...
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    Released KAROWA 2009 for RBR

    The download link is not working anymore. Would be nice if someone could upload this track.
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    License Discussion/Issues

    Proplems. I have always got my license at very short time. Now I have waited more than the promised 48 hours. I have thought this is okay and acceptaple way to keep the program running for persons who have paid for it. Now I realise for the first time that if something like this happens This is...
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    Released KARLSTAD I-II SSS for RX plugin is finish!

    great to hear that!! :) as this is superb track, so nicely done in visual aspects and others too. Is there a way to make the snow banks for original format?
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    Released Humalamäki Stage (RBR Original) by: Savo Stage Team Finland

    you are right. I forgot to put the end barrier there. If RBR would have even more realistic elements ( that I would like :D ) the driver should be actually disqualified if driving thru the stop signs without actually stopping there to the time control place but there isn´t such an option.. Ok I...
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    rFactor 2 Screenshots

    i understand your point in some level but still disagree :) I´v been thinking these "effects" and if you observe real world and when sun shines heavily the air and the the world actually is full of surprising "effects". Even one thing many seems to dislike in games is the bloom - and when the...
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    rFactor 2 Screenshots

    it actually looks quite real in my yes at least. looks very very good. Best picture so far from this game.
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    License Discussion/Issues

    I think Piddy answers and helps with real proplems with the licences as he has said, If you really have win xp and have the license but the program is still not running. Just write him. Or ask help in the forum-. Has the license stopped working suddenly, or what has happened?
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    License Discussion/Issues

    I gues the thing is that btb doesn´t officially support win 7. Or does it allready? I think xp ( mayby vista I don´t know ) is the only platform where the licensing system is quaranteed to work. So thats the deal and if you want to use it with win 7 then you kind of have to accept the proplems.
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    It's good to be back

    This is wonderful news!! Maybe could be nice idea and way to help for us users to "buy" BTB again , and to donate at least the same price that we have paid from BTB. it has given so much to us and the original prize has been ridiculously cheep compared how powerful and unique the program...
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    Replay cameras in BTB Track ???

    The cameras doesn´t work in Rbr. Only in Rfactor. Nothing to do about that unless your a coder..
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    The return of Brendon imminent?

    This I don´t undestand. He has been selling btb as it is.And the rules are simply. If you pay , you get the program and the license to use it. it is a one of a kind program, and without it many of us couldn´t do single meter off track to any game. you can buy the program and use it if you pay...
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    Where did the open projects section vanish?

    Hi! There used to be a download section for btb projects for everyone to look and develope. Where has this section gone? Can´t find it anywhere? It has for example zaxxon´s pikes peak..
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    GT Omega Race Rig Competition ENTER HERE!

    Jukka Grönfors
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