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  1. Dirk Steffen

    ACC Blog: MoTeC Telemetry and Dedicated ACC Workspace

    You look like having possibly deleted the channels. You should have these 4 channels: Best reinstall the "base ACC" Motec workspace that came with your install.
  2. Dirk Steffen

    ACC Blog: MoTeC Telemetry and Dedicated ACC Workspace

    You can have as many channels as you want once you start using math channels.
  3. Dirk Steffen

    Cars VRC Prototype Series

    That Cadillac is a very strange sounding car - as exotic as it is I hope rather for the Pescarolo ;-)
  4. Dirk Steffen

    Cars DRM Revival [Paid]

    That’s incorrect. I handle ALL purchased mods through sellfy this way and I get updates just fine. 1. Most good mod makers send update mails by mails with the same download page link as a reminder - easy, just follow the link 2. You can always reuse the download page link you have already from...
  5. Dirk Steffen

    Cars VRC Prototype Series

    I think fresh high end mods like VRC paymods in 2019 should best come standard with 4K textures and on demand (either packed with the mod car for separate manual installation or even better per separate download) in 2K textures for people with older machines. I have been on both sides of the...
  6. Dirk Steffen

    Cars VRC Prototype Series

    The Panoz was actually quite famous to have been THE LOUDEST car around the years it ran at Le Mans. I highly doubt it would make any noise restriction levels on any currently operated track with it's original Le Mans exhaust setup ;-)
  7. Dirk Steffen

    ACC Race Club Round-Up | October 2019: Bigger Grids, Close Gaps

    Hey there ;-) We were missing you badly in the bumper car driving we did now and again. I hope you'll show up once in a while if not only for the chat and verbal abuse of the people who deserve is most, such as @Bobby Pennington or @Celtic Pharaoh - even The Birdman aka @Allan Ramsbottom shows...
  8. Dirk Steffen

    ACC Race Club Round-Up | October 2019: Bigger Grids, Close Gaps

    How about altering event times slightly so that RD premium members from other time zones get a chance to participate in an ACC event now and again? It really is incredibly frustrating not to see events where we get at least a chance to race for such a long time on end.
  9. Dirk Steffen

    Assetto Corsa Competizione | Hotfix 1.1.1 & 2 Available

    All options we need for a rock solid triple screen alignment at native screen resolution with true multiview rendering without the need to use UE4 native post-processing distortion methods. Essentially all settings we know from AC1 just brought into UE4 by Kunos developers with a fresh user...
  10. Dirk Steffen

    Where is my GT3 DLC? And how do I get it back?

    @GuitarTech Your issue sounds REALLY frustrating. When I had some rF2 specific issues many months ago (I barely ever use rF2 any longer these days), I found it best to get in touch with Marcel Offermans directly through the official rF2 discord channel. As has been mentioned, they are a small...
  11. Dirk Steffen

    Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.1 Released

    Great job @ all the Kunos devs you guys just have your head down, putting in endless hours and weekends and keep delivering constant improvements, content and surprises ;-) I love especially how you made the impossible possible and developed a very solid, really good triple screen rendering...
  12. Dirk Steffen

    Assetto Corsa Competizione: 2019 AMR V8 Vantage GT3 Preview

    You can always adjust your view in the cockpit to have part of the windscreen banner off screen and if you like to have a rear view mirror (which then also would move off screen at least partly in most cars) use the virtual mirror. This way you have the best of both worlds - big part of...
  13. Dirk Steffen

    Tracks Nürburging Gesamtstrecke

    It only results in ...
  14. Dirk Steffen

    Cars WIP - 911 by Singer

    I remember Chris Harris having made 2 or 3 videos about Singer Porsches - one of them a factory tour with interviews and another he was at the wheel. Perhaps he talked about power figures in any of those.
  15. Dirk Steffen

    Successful IndyCar Aeroscreen Test Completes at Indy

    Why not just bin the WHOLE thing and move forward to proper tin top prototypes instead.
  16. Dirk Steffen

    Direct Drive on a Budget? Feel VR Kickstarter is Here, But Act Fast!

    … collected over a Million USD in funding through the advertisement of a backyard business made product in a low labor cost environment by people with no prior manufacturing experience, producing a niche product, priced at roughly 500 USD a piece ??? I think either I am either in the wrong...
  17. Dirk Steffen

    Fantastic Finale: Franczak Dominates SRO E-Sport GT Series

    Are these races also uploaded to normal video platforms like youtube or vimeo? I don't do twitch it just doesn't work here :-(
  18. Dirk Steffen

    US BMW M1 Procar @ Circuit Zandvoort Tue Oct 1 2019

    Thanks, I wish R3E would be more connection friendly so participation would be possible but unfortunately it is just not working :-( I hope you guys have a great time and I wish you best success in building this racing club and getting more people to run - it’s a good bunch of people ;-)
  19. Dirk Steffen

    Minor Hotfix Update for Assetto Corsa Competizione Released

    On the Kunos ACC forum are two threads in the General Discussion section where people share some benchmark data.This should really help some people to get an idea of what hardware can be expected to perform how with ACC.
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