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WTCR Series | Daily Online Touring Car Events with RaceRoom Racing Experience

RaceDepartment is going back to it's roots. Daily touring car races are returning to the RaceDepartment Racing Club powered by RaceRoom Racing Experience and the brand new series tools on Simracing.GP

RaceDepartment members of the first hour will still remember how this sim racing community once started back in 2006. Literally a handful of fans who purchased the original Simbin Studios title RACE - The WTCC Game and grouped together on a tiny small forum to organize daily online events to race against each other. Those who were there will acknowledge that over the course of only a few weeks the level of these online races were getting higher and higher as we drove repeatedly on the same (limited amount) of tracks in the title and a vibrant community of friends was born.

15 years and 1.7 million registered members later we still proudly wear the red RACE letters in the logo of our website as a tribute to the title that once kickstarted this community and we are returning to where it all began: online daily touring car racing! This time with the natural successor to the Simbin RACE series: RaceRoom Racing Experience by Sector 3 Studios.

Daily WTCR Series Format
Every day at 19:00 UTC / 20:00 BST / 21:00 CEST / 22:00 EEST sharp an event will start automatically for signed in drivers with the WTCR 2020 cars of R3E. For three full weeks in a row we will run a total of 21 daily events with an exciting double race format, a reversed grid and ... fixed setups!

Every week will see the introduction of a new track that we will race for seven days straight. During the progression of this week you will get to know the track better, you will know your (soon to be) online racing friends through the forum and for example discord and the overall driving level and standards will go up for everybody when the series progresses wether you are a new rookie or a seasoned veteran.

The main reason for us to switch to a series instead of a classic league is that most drivers simply do not have the time to commit to a fixed league schedule every week. Instead we have opted for the newly released series tools on SGP which allows drivers a lot more flexibility. You don't need to attend at every daily race of course. Of the 42 events in total we will score your best 18 results for the overall classification.

How to join?
  1. Get access to the new online racing platform Simracing.GP. Login or create an account
  2. All the casual club and league races on RaceDepartment require an active premium membership. This helps to support our platform and ensures a better driving quality. If you aren't a premium member yet you can upgrade your account here and only for a limited amount of time receive a 50% discount on our yearly membership plan and pay only €7.50 instead of €15,00 by using the special coupon code: WTCR
  3. Visit the RaceDepartment community on Simracing.GP and request access by sending Bram Hengeveld a conversation message with your email address
  4. Visit the dedicated WTCR Series page with all the available events, standings and other cool data.
  5. Choose a car for each of the races you would like to attend.
  6. Race and have fun!
Schedule and Content
Week 1Sunday 6 June - Saturday 12 JunePortimao CircuitWTCR 2020*
Week 2Sunday 13 June - Saturday 19 JuneSpa-FrancorchampsWTCR 2020*
Week 3Sunday 20 June - Saturday 26 JuneRoad AmericaWTCR 2020*
* You don't need the entire car pack, you can also purchase a single car of your choice from the RaceRoom Store instead.
About author
Bram Hengeveld
I started my sim racing career already back in 1987 at the age of 12 on the legendary MSX home computer, quickly advancing to MSX 2, Commodore Amiga and then found my happy place at DOS and Windows based PC systems.

Founded RaceDepartment.com back in 2006. Organized the world's first esports racing series called the Virtual World Touring Car Championship for Simbin Studios & Eurosport in 2008. Assisted in creating groundbreaking real-time racing GPS technology for iOpener Media in 2009. Official partner to the SRO Esports GT Series in 2019 and 2020. Co-founded Simracing.GP in 2020.

My most played racing games: Konami's F1 Spirit, GP, GP2, GP3, GP4, GTR, DTM Race Driver Series, Live for Speed, GTR 2, rFactor, RACE Series, Assetto Corsa (Competizione), Automobilista (2).


AMAZING!! :D Very beautiful to go back to the beginnings! I liked knowing about the beautiful tribute with the logo. It will be awesome! :D
Sounds great. I will sign up as a rookie, probably with the Megane. But I wonder why I could not use the brandnew Opel Astra from Raceroom ? It's also part of the TRC cars in R3E...?!
Last edited:
Hed to leave the room. CSL Elite Pedals not working in Multiplayer, they work fine in single player.
Well my first day back in sim racing in over a decade only downloaded the game and started playing yesterday ....new pedals and wheel in fact everything new so I was dog poop but I dint think I caused to many problems other than who knew at porto there are huge kerbs that seem to be designed to break ur car ‍♀️ 2 full on dukes of hazard 2 wheel saves and 2 lots of suspension damage ....all in all great fun tho ) other than one love tap under breaking (sorry dude ) I felt reasonably clean if not slow great track tho was starting to learn it a bit by the end of second race ...oh and what’s the chat button in game ? I wasn’t being ignorant just getting to grips with it all ))

Great fun and now I remember how hard this sport is ....might be a while before I’m at the pointy end again )

Cheers guys

Anyone using CSL Elite wheel / pedals. They work fine in R3E single player, ( and AC / ACC online.) but not in multiplayer or practice. The paddle shifter makes gear change on screen, so the wheel is good.
Yes. I used the name of the server and I typed in the server code as well. I also scrolled through all servers as well looking just in case the search bar wasn't working correctly for some reason.
That’s a weird one buddy ….try again tomorrow location really shouldn’t matter
Anyone using CSL Elite wheel / pedals. They work fine in R3E single player, ( and AC / ACC online.) but not in multiplayer or practice. The paddle shifter makes gear change on screen, so the wheel is good.
Assuming u tried re assigning controls once in server ? Settings etc ?
Going to try and take part in as many as possible :) love raceroom and wtcr cars :D
Going to have to try out the 2020 cars and buy one now tho lol
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Going to try and take part in as many as possible :) love raceroom and wtcr cars :D
Going to have to try out the 2020 cars and buy one now tho lol
They are all nice ! The hondas seem pretty quick and they all seem to have slightly different gear ratios in stock setup
That was amazing second race was brilliant :) bit of a random question always feels like i cant get the car to turn fully around hairpins like i dont have enough steering lock, using a g27 wheel

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