WRC Generations Review | 4.25 Right, Don't Cut!

Pros: - the best stage design in any rally game ever, and it's really not even close. The number of stages is definitely one of the main selling points for this game; a truly outstanding roster of events
- surprisingly fun career mode where finances matter just enough that you actually need to pay some attention to them, without needing to micromanage everything. Very clever design for maintenance events, wherein the distance you run during a quick sprint equates to how repaired your car gets, which I thought was a great way to turn something that could have been boring into a fine excuse for even more rallying
- massively improved performance over WRC 10
- very intuitive-feeling ffb that conveys weight transfer excellently (though has other shortcomings mentioned in the cons below)
Cons: - very poor interior car sounds, almost as though there simply isn't much bass to them. Everything is very thin-sounding and not as impactful and snarling as it should be
- interior cameras are way too rigid and jerk around in a really jarring and unrealistic way at times, like if you barely touch a snowbank
- throttle bug can be a nuisance. For me, rescaling the pedals fixed it, but for others this does not appear to work
- handbrake behaves somewhat strangely and in my opinion rotates the car far harder than it should
- game refuses to launch in fullscreen for me and i have to set it to fullscreen in the options every single time i boot
- some things like piles of rocks seem to be invisible to both the ffb and the audio. There are a lot of times where I'd expect some rocks banging against the undercarriage and rattling my wheel, but get nothing at all like I was on smooth tarmac
- seat/camera positioning is as awful as it's always been in WRC games, and they continue to refuse to put the FOV on a scale any human can make sense of
This game reminds me very much of Sebastian Loeb Rally EVO, where if your equipment fell into the narrow window of compatibility you likely had a good time with the game, and if your equipment didn't it was one of the most aggravating gaming experiences you've ever had. If you liked previous WRC games, this is basically a greatest hits album celebrating the series, so don't expect anything new and revolutionary, just a big old pile of everything you've previously come to expect from these games.
Pros: Could be good with VR
Cons: But it doesn't have VR
What are they thinking? And why is this (most important) subject not mentioned in the review here?! Absolutely insane.
Pros: Great visuals and immersion.
WRC1 hybrid rally 1 cars, plus a great selection of cool cars…
Good feeling of speed, and feedback of the cars grip, or lack of it.
Now with telemetry out of the box, and due to this Simhub support.
Surprisingly my VRS direct force pro wheel base, heusinkveld sequential shifter and pedals, AIOlogs handbrake all worked straight off… not the norm with WRC titles!
Amazing amount of content, stages and cars…
Cheaper than the previous titles in the ‘deluxe’ form.
Cons: Some strange bugs, throttle is a little janky in some cars (early escort for example).
Stage start countdown and start is a little buggy…
I really feel for many users who have had bad issue with wheels and other peripherals… it’s a bit of a lottery to what is or isn’t supported!
Can’t seem to ever get above 59fps… doesn’t matter what settings I choose?
Loving it to be fair, yes I know it is really just a compendium of previous titles, warmed over with WRC1 cars added… but I think it’s the best rally sim out there currently.
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Pros: - Rally environments do look good
- Number of Rally environments is impressive
- Lets you drive through the WRC ladder WRC-3/WRC-2/WRC
- Career mode is engaging (if you're into that)
Cons: - Car sounds
- Vehicle handling not the best for 2022
- Older recycled content looks dated
I have tried previous WRC titles, but this is the first one I have really played through career mode. I've put a lot of time into DR2 (also a lot of time into RBR but not for many years). I much prefer the vehicle handling in DR2, the cars feel like the have real weight in the handling and they behave much better when light or over jumps. Car sounds in WRC Generations are also terrible when compared to most contemporary driving games, really don't know how they are so dull and lifeless.

Vehicle models are good, although some of the classics do look slightly basic for 2022. There's a huge variety of rally environments and they don't feel like recycled stages with different textures, they do all feel unique. Some of the older returning envirments do feel a little outdated, but they do add more variety over all so it's a good addition.

I have found career mode fun to go through, it's not a slog and can be tailored to how you want to play eg. rally lengths/difficulty level.

Good overall game, but not a rally leader by any means.
(All played on controller)
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Pros: +Controller (my simucube is working right off the bat, almost...)
+All the stages from the previous WRC games
+Nice content from the previous era (206, xSara...)
+Finally they got the WCC right (somehow)
Cons: -Controller : My wheel is not recognized by the game, and make the game goes crazy and stuck to the top left, when it is.
Also Car won't move unless you apply 80% pressure in first gear...
-AI : need to dial it yourself, and still some stage are ridiclously completely off. Portugal, Sardegna, Spain, you can have a nice fight against the AI and then take them 20 sec. on the special stage.
-UI : Can't drive a single rally, nor a single stage against the AI. Also can't make your own rally/champ with all the rallies they add.
Big disappointment in the end. For a swansong from KT, that seems like a missed opportunity. They had some much to offer with everything they made so far, but still, they end with those choices.
Why no more customisations ? Let's us do our own rallies, our own champ, for F sake.
Now, the license goes to Codies/EA, and my hopes are even lower since that buyout...

The road is open for KT with V-Rally 5, now (4 was actually pretty enjoyable). I'm hoping the best for them.
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Pros: without VR, no Pros
Cons: No VR support....... I´m out
In 2022/2023 and no VR? shame.....