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WRC 10 - Drastically improved physics say Loeb

Wrc10 1.jpg

Another year, another WRC title. This time however we are being promised to "drastically improved physics" at least by rally Legend Sebastien Loeb

WRC10 is just around the corner and I for one am very excited. If you haven't tried WRC 9 it's probably worth waiting for the 10th version of this series to drop before investing your hard earned cash, but if WRC 9 was anything to go by, this will be an insta-buy for me.

I get it, I know that it hasn't always been a great "sim" as it seemed to be focused on attracting a broader audience, but last year something changed with WRC9, it just felt a million times better than the previous titles. The physics had been overhauled and it just felt good to drive, especially on tarmac. The latest rumblings coming from the team at Nacon is that yet more improvements have been made to the physics and driving experience so that can only be a good thing.

Wrc10 2.jpg

Nacon could hardly have invited anyone better than rally legend Sebastien Loeb to talk about the improvements WRC 10 is going to deliver. The most successful rally driver in history praised the reworked physics in the game, stating in a video shown during Nacon Connect 2021 that they had "drastically improved, and whether on tarmac or gravel, the sensations are very realistic."

Content-wise, rally fans can look forward to a celebration of the World Rally Championship's 50th anniversary: The sim will include historical rallies, with the 2002 Rally Germany, the 2004 Rally Sweden and the 2018 Rally Spain being shown specifically as they were Loeb's first overall win, first win on snow and his last victory respectively. "You will find out about everything that's happened during those 50 years in WRC", said the Frenchman.

Wrc10 3.jpg

Another hint at an era that is going to be included was shown as a pre-order bonus: Racers who order the game early will receive Colin McRae's 1997 Subaru Impreza as a bonus, plus an extra historic event. WRC 10 is set to release on September 2nd - so players have lots of time to speculate which eras of WRC, like the fearsome Group B cars of the 1980s or the icons of the 60s and 70s will be included.

Wrc10 4.jpg

When I buy WRC 10 I will be sure to share my thoughts with you all. In the meantime, tell us if you are going to give WRC 10 a try in the comments below.

WRC 10 is due for release in September 2021 and will be available to buy on Steam (again, honestly, thank you Nacon for putting it on steam)

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Steve Worrell
A motorsport fanatic and sim racer for over 20 years. Content creator for RD, and MD at Simracing.gp. Favourite sims include ACC, AC, RF2, AMS, WRC9 - VernWozza#7419 @vernwozza


I don't care what a Loeb says when i think about what some Rally and Rallycross drivers said about Dirt Rally 1 and 2...
I am not listening to anyone of them. I'll just try it myself.

It's not about if you can take a corner a little bit slower or faster than i real life, that is just tweaking 1 or 2 values. It is about what is going on beneath that in the physics engine. A example that everyone can test easily without having driven a Rally car in real life: the pitch of the car in the air!
Throttle while in the air does lift the nose, braking does lower the nose. It works in cars, motocross bikes and so on...
Try that in rfactor, GTR2, RBR, iRacing... these old sims were already able to do that. Dirt Rally can't. Nothing happens.

And your "what simmers think" is BS from a decade ago. These days the majority knows better that that.
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hahaha I know I am anything but credible, but I have been driving sims for 20 years and my favourite sims are rF2, ACC and RaceRoom. I don't think WRC9 was on that level but it wasn't a million miles off. So i'm hopeful for WRC 10.
Yes same here been playing games forever,
with my SC2 Pro and a decent rim on it to me feels really good its a very solid game WRC9,
Main problems for me was controllers + audio like when you slide say 1 meter you still get the noise for like 10 meters so annoying and my Ascher V2 wireless wheel always missing shifts but every other game its perfect 1/1 apart from these gripes id say its well worth the money.
There are gameplay videos so you can judge it for your self. I wouldn't call it a sim. I don't know if it was official gameply video but I found it very strange that they were using gamepad or even keyboard.
Well i tested the WRC 10 Demo AND ALL I CAN SAY IS WHAAAAAAAAAT IS ALL THIS GRIP! I was glued to the asphalt and couldn't get the car to spin out for anything except at the most unrealistic speeds and dirt and gravel also was too grippy, if they fix that I'm in! i MEAN it was so grippy i looked to see if there was a new setting for arcade and simulation lol. I just hope it was because it was a Demo but have doubt.

link to my WRC 10 Demo test
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Too much grip is the trademark of KT WRC games. Always been like that. I don't know who could have possible complained that there's a lack of grip other than 12 year olds or idiots who want all games to be like Need for Speed. It's beyond me.
As for Loeb's contribution, well, has anybody played Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo?
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Usually the only contribution a celebrity brings to a computer game or product is a name. I imagine once the cheque is cleared he will say whatever the paymasters want him to say. I know I will be buying the game as I love a bit of rally ;-)
Loved the demo, they definitely improved the weight transfer this time and the cars don't feel like empty boxes if you drive over a rock. They have a decent sense of weight now.

The tarmac is better than Dirt Rally 2 by quite a lot now.
Hi, where can i get and download the demo of WRC 10 ?
Not my favorite type of motorsports. Have not bought a rally sim since the RBR days. Too much fun with time spent on RRRE, AC, ACC to step back into rally sims.
I'm an old RBR fan, but I picked up WRC8 on sale and found it quite reasonable. Was going to try WRC9 but since it wasn't available on Steam, I have held off. With WRC10 returning to Steam, I'm certainly interested.
Will wait till I see reports from the final release, but there is a good chance I might try this one.

If only WRC 9 had the looseness of RBR it would be just as addictive !
I'm REALLY hoping on WRC 10 !

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