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WRC 10 - Drastically improved physics say Loeb

Wrc10 1.jpg

Another year, another WRC title. This time however we are being promised to "drastically improved physics" at least by rally Legend Sebastien Loeb

WRC10 is just around the corner and I for one am very excited. If you haven't tried WRC 9 it's probably worth waiting for the 10th version of this series to drop before investing your hard earned cash, but if WRC 9 was anything to go by, this will be an insta-buy for me.

I get it, I know that it hasn't always been a great "sim" as it seemed to be focused on attracting a broader audience, but last year something changed with WRC9, it just felt a million times better than the previous titles. The physics had been overhauled and it just felt good to drive, especially on tarmac. The latest rumblings coming from the team at Nacon is that yet more improvements have been made to the physics and driving experience so that can only be a good thing.

Wrc10 2.jpg

Nacon could hardly have invited anyone better than rally legend Sebastien Loeb to talk about the improvements WRC 10 is going to deliver. The most successful rally driver in history praised the reworked physics in the game, stating in a video shown during Nacon Connect 2021 that they had "drastically improved, and whether on tarmac or gravel, the sensations are very realistic."

Content-wise, rally fans can look forward to a celebration of the World Rally Championship's 50th anniversary: The sim will include historical rallies, with the 2002 Rally Germany, the 2004 Rally Sweden and the 2018 Rally Spain being shown specifically as they were Loeb's first overall win, first win on snow and his last victory respectively. "You will find out about everything that's happened during those 50 years in WRC", said the Frenchman.

Wrc10 3.jpg

Another hint at an era that is going to be included was shown as a pre-order bonus: Racers who order the game early will receive Colin McRae's 1997 Subaru Impreza as a bonus, plus an extra historic event. WRC 10 is set to release on September 2nd - so players have lots of time to speculate which eras of WRC, like the fearsome Group B cars of the 1980s or the icons of the 60s and 70s will be included.

Wrc10 4.jpg

When I buy WRC 10 I will be sure to share my thoughts with you all. In the meantime, tell us if you are going to give WRC 10 a try in the comments below.

WRC 10 is due for release in September 2021 and will be available to buy on Steam (again, honestly, thank you Nacon for putting it on steam)

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Steve Worrell
A motorsport fanatic and sim racer for over 20 years. Content creator for RD, and MD at Simracing.gp. Favourite sims include ACC, AC, RF2, AMS, WRC9 - VernWozza#7419 @vernwozza


The demo, which was my 1st interaction with this series of games, didn't give particularly good first impressions, for one the UI was nice but confusing, like how to get into settings, then I couldn't set up my TM wheel (was patched later but I already uninstalled and didn't feel like trying again), and after I tried it with a gamepad it ran not particularly well while looking not particularly nice. 900 deg steering animation is still not there IIRC which is a big minus for me...
The demo was great, physics-wise, was a big improvement on gravel to WRC9. But the sound needed worked.
Would love to give these improved physics a go,but the demo doesn't recognise my wheel being plugged in.
I’ve began my sim racing career with wrc8 but later I’ve abondoned it since there were more cool sims out there however I would maybe preorder wrc10 on whatever the price if only they had VR support.
"Drastically improved physics" - physics is constant
If you had to "improve physics" that means all WRC games were far from reality .

Hmm so AC is far from reality, because ACC improved the physics? ;)

I think WRC 8/9 have decent physics.

But a paid star saying physics are improved doesn't mean much yet. Also, doing historic cars will be harder, previously they focused on just basically one car type
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I haven't played a WRC game since WRC 8 on the PS4. I've simply been driving to much Richard Burns Rally Hungarian Plugin to worry about another rally title. Here are my questions about WRC 10 (or 9 since that makes more sense)...

1) Are they fixing the completely moronic FOV slider that was in WRC 8?
2) Will I be able to use me custom handbrake (like I can in RBR) and is it actual analog?
3) Since there seems to be no rally sims yet that have real triple screen support, will this be the first?

Whoever answers these questions (obviously based off of WRC 9 knowledge or an insight into 10) will be forever my hero!!

Peace, Defender
I am enjoying WRC9 a whole lot. The car selection is a bit anaemic compared to Dirt Rally 2, but otoh you get a career mode that's actually varied and interesting rather then a succession of 6 round championships, a lot of varied locations and everything in the game is included when you... buy the game. No DLC shenanigans, there's even been a couple of updates that added more stages for free. codies can learn a lot from them.
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-Unpopular opinion alert-

Just like all driving sims are anyway - If all of the physics of a car in motion were well understood by the devs then all sims would feel more or less the same.

Not unpopular so much as just uninformed. All driving sims are more or less the same... there is only one reality and they all aim at the same target. I guess 2021 really is the year of the own goal.

Half-baked arcade titles are another story. They're not aiming at that target.
I keep waiting to jump into the WRC series. I was considering going for WRC 9, but I guess I'll wait for now. Worst case, I can get 9 for a better price if 10 doesn't work out.

Honestly though, I've barely scratched the surface of Dirt Rally 2.0, that could still keep me happy for quite a while.
Not unpopular so much as just uninformed. All driving sims are more or less the same... there is only one reality and they all aim at the same target. I guess 2021 really is the year of the own goal.

Half-baked arcade titles are another story. They're not aiming at that target.
There is only one reality indeed, but no sim simulates reality whatsoever, they simulate "aspects" of reality to varying degrees. Thus no sim is truly "realistic" as that would need a supercomputer just for one wheel. Properly simulating component failure, wind and wet weather would be a good place to start...sims are MILES away from that.
Hey Mr Loeb, where is SLRE 2 ? :whistling:

OK, I suppose it would more of a question for Milestone.

In the meantime, I'll replay SLRE with its incredible physics rather than WRC 10.
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will it have telemetry output?
Buttkickers and motion systems have a great influence on the immersion of rally games.
WRC4 was the last with telemetry, afaik.
its just game i dont care its 70%, 100% or 130% accurate to real thing
AND BY THOSE NUMBERS I MEAN what simmers think:
70% is arcade
100% is arcade
130% mean harder thn real live SO IT MUST be more real than 100% XD
i mean i drive Dirt rally and sometimes i crash then watch real life footage AND IM SURPRISED : how he took that corner? isnt it TOO ARCADE? and ONLY THING that makes me regret its arcadish physics is FACT that its actually REAL LIFE FOOTAGE xD
i laugh so hard when simmers who never drove rally car tell dirt rally games are more arcadish than richard burns rally as i TELL YOU i saw turns yo cant make in dirt rally and same looking turns yo can make FASTER in real life than in GAME???

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