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WRC 10 Announced - And it looks awesome!

WRC 10 has been announced. New features, next gen console support and more. The developers are keen to build on the success of the previous title.
  • Emphasis on historic cars and stages
  • Improved Physics
  • Custom team editor in career mode
Ok, maybe my excitement is a little biased as I am a huge fan of WRC 9 and rally games in general, but the last iteration of the World Rally Championship simulations was really quite good. I've mentioned in previous posts that I hadn't been terribly convinced by the WRC series of games before, but, something changed in WRC 9. I heard some good things about it from people I trust so I decided to give it a go, and yeah, I was very impressed.

I have put a ton of hours into the career mode on WRC 9 but as is the case with most titles which follow a yearly cycle the content can get a little tired, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw the news regarding the latest edition in the series. I had heard rumblings that WRC 9 was potentially the last WRC game to be made by KT Racing and frankly I was a little upset as I felt they had finally found a winning formula so I am glad to see they are still in place for the time being.

So what's new in WRC 10? Well from the trailer it looks like there is a certain emphasis on historic rallies and cars, the promotional website also states:

"the introduction of a retrospective mode, which allows players to relive 19 events that have shaped the history of the WRC.

The historic events include Acropolis Rally and Rallye Sanremo, which can be driven in the cars that have defined the WRC, from the Alpine Renault A110, through to the Audis and Lancias of the Group B era, the Subarus, Toyotas and Mitsubishis of the nineties, up to the current generation of cars from Hyundai, Toyota and Ford"


As well as the historic cars there is of course all the latest machinery and environments you would expect. All the rallies from the 2021 season will be featured in the sim (And yes I am calling it a sim because, well, it is). My hope is that they double down on the realistic physics as the cars can feel absolutely sublime with a little tweaking of your wheel settings.

My favourite piece of news though has to be the development of the career mode. This year it appears that players will have the chance to create their own teams and liveries. This excites me greatly, this will add a new dimension to the game mode which was already pretty strong.

WRC 10 launches on September 2021 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Nintendo Switch will follow at a later date.

Check out the trailer of WRC 10 here:

Full disclosure - No, this is not an advert. No, we didn't get paid to say nice things, hell, we aren't even on KT Racing's mailing list. This is just an excited little boy excited about his new rally game that's coming soon. Thanks.
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A motorsport fanatic and sim racer for over 20 years. Content creator for RD, and MD at Simracing.gp. Favourite sims include ACC, AC, RF2, AMS, WRC9 - VernWozza#7419 @vernwozza


That was a really detailed breakdown of your problems with the series, I understand all that and don't disagree with any of it. I'm definitely in the camp of just casually enjoying a bit of dirt action as a change of pace to my usual circuit racing every now and then, so they don't bother me all that much. Hopefully you get an improved official game when it moves to Codies.

Or that KT fixes it with WRC 10 (or WRC 11). I don't believe they will, as this has been a thing since their very first WRC-game, but as long as one has hope and so on :)
I've played every game since WRC 1, and I think that the series gets better every year since KT took over.
The things which I think still need to be addressed are the collisions, AI in career mode, and the Multiplayer needs some SERIOUS love.
I'm bummed that Codies snagged the WRC license from KT. I think that in time KT would have delivered on community demands and we'd be left with a superior game compared to what's in store after Giant Monopoly Race Corp. takes over.
My thoughts playing WRC 9 is that the force feedback is exactly as someone described earlier, like an arcade. Zero feel of the road texture or wheels losing/gaining grip, just when the car slides left, the wheel goes HARD RIGHT and vice versa. The rear seems to float at high speeds and takes a gargantuan effort to recover, all the cars appear to have completely open front and rear diffs no matter what you do, meaning sliding a car around a hairpin mostly revolves around QUICKLY tapping the handbrake, the rear end flying around, the inner wheels spinning like mad dumping all the car’s power and providing no drive to keep the car’s momentum up, then once the car stops sliding the inside wheels get some grip and propel you out of the corner.

It does look fantastic, I think the suspension feel is a little better than some DR cars which feel like the suspension is made of wood, the menu design is fantastic and the pacenotes are WAY better than DR which can often send you into a second gear corner in 5th with 50 metres warning. They just need to crack the physics. I’ll be buying it in hope but my default sim to turn to is DR2.

p.s. I have RBR with Next Generation Physics cars and it still feels outdated.
Sounds fun. Gotta have VR if they want my money though! How you can develop a simulator in 2021 without keeping VR in mind I don't really get but I'm not the one taking the business decisions.
Probably because in 2021, despite it's existence for all these years, VR *still* doesn't have the market saturation to make it a requirement. VR users are very vocal, but the percentage of buyers is not large enough to elevate VR support above "nice to have" to "necessity" from a business point of view. It sucks, but it all comes down to the numbers.
Great. Not using Steam was a stupid idea. I'm glad it's going on Steam. With updated FFB/Physics perhaps, this has a shot at taking the crown from DR one day. It definitely has the graphics and sounds so far in my opinion. When they get great FFB and provide telemetry API for motion rig/buttkickers, etc... I'm going to buy it :)
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If people are able to accept Dirt Rally 2.0 as "sim" despite the comically bad tarmac physics.. wonder why they have such problem admitting that WRC has become a sim.

Both are sims, with different imperfections. All sims have some, some less some more

But anyway, they should work on car audio (Dirt is still far ahead) and add VR.

And the historical cars will be much harder to get right physics (and sound) wise. So far the meat and bones has been modern cars, where physics are really similar and grippy. They got that into really good spot, but it was a result of many subsequent games and years of tweaking.
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Lack of vr is really holding this game, i have purchase all dirt rally game plus dlc after each one had it vr implementation. WRC games looks fun but not too justify the price for the lack of vr (same apply to the f1 series and dirt series.
Maibe the are making all the money they want with the console releases and leave us niche vr users behind.
if they don't release with VR support and motion telemetry at least I hope they improve the FOV for triple screen if not, I'll pass sorry
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This might actually be something I'll get for my Switch. Don't think there's any even semi realistic racing game on it yet.
Will it have fantasy RPG elements like the previous ones? I really enjoyed those. Nothing better than putting some invisible armor on your car so that it doesn't take damage. Or hidden jet ski engines so that it goes through water faster. It gives the word "simulation" a whole new meaning. And those lovely modeled wheels and tires that weren't even CLOSE to the rear ones? God i loved those. Will it have those too? So much FUN driving on fantasy balloons! Best rally games EVER. Bless you KT! Quality products.
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If they can make the graphics and sounds feel they were actually made in 2021 and not a decade ago, the UI half decent, the co-pilot not sound like a google translate recording and an actual steering animations (none of that 180° max rotation) then yeah, I can see myself playing this.
Although looking at the WRC10 Steam page's screenshots we're off to a bad start as they look worse than WRC9 which are already not representative of how bad the game actually looks.

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