WIN FANATEC prizes in the Fanatec Simracing.GP Series

Three weeks of daily racing in the Fanatec Simracing.GP Series starts tonight for European drivers. Some awesome prizes up for grabs including a Fanatec Podium F1 set, A CSL Elite Wheelbase and McLaren GT3 wheel. It's not all about the fastest drivers though.
  • Three weeks of daily racing - EU + US Time zone races
  • Three different sims including ACC, AC and R3E
  • Open to all drivers
Are you the master of multiple sims? Well we might have the perfect series for you. The Fanatec series takes place across three weeks and uses multiple sims, meaning this might be a competition for a strong all rounder Vs the seasoned specialist. Races start at 18:00 UTC for EU and 23:00 UTC for US which means there are 42 races in total which one could participate in.

The races:
Week One - ACC - GT3
Week Two - AC - RaceSim Studio F3 (Free car)
Week Three - R3E - Silhouette (Free Car)

The Prizes:
The overall winner will take away a Fanatec Podium F1 set worth €1799.95 - More info HERE

There is also a prize draw to win a CSL Elite Wheelbase + McLaren Gt3 wheel set. Every time you complete a race to 100% distance you will get an entry in to the prize draw. If you took part and completed every race you would get 42 entries into the draw.

To take part visit and search for the Fanatec community and sign up to the races. *At the time of publishing the EU servers for week one are already looking quite full. We will either add more races at the same time or release week two races daily to allow a fair chance for everyone to sign up.

More information can be found on the discord server in the #Fanatec SGP Series channels.

Good luck have fun.


Prize for the overall winner - Fanatec Podium F1

2020_08_13_McLaren GT3_V2_WB_V2.5_Primeshot.jpg

Prize draw prize CSL Elite Wheelbase and McLaren GT3 Wheel ** Correction ** The prize draw prize is a CSL Elite Wheel Base not the CSW Pictured above. This will be updated shortly.

Fanatec Series Header.jpg
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Whoa a DD from FANATEC! I'm no whewre near as good a racer to even compete for it however that is a nice gesture guys. I'm sure the new owner will be very excited to recieve it. In the meanwhile I will enjoy my peasant grade CSL Elite F1, lol J/K FANATEC, I love it!

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