After the recent update from Kunos regarding everything Assetto Corsa, our friend Boonatix has decided to take a look at what might be in store for Assetto Corsa Competizione.

This is surely going to cause a debate in the comments but it's fun to guess at what might be coming so lets indulge ourselves just for a moment. Stefan breaks down the announcement video in some detail looking at all of the potential possibilities for what the next ACC DLC might be. I must admit when Marco Massaruto alluded to new DLC I sat up and paid full attention, but sadly not much information was given away.

We were treated to the news that the new BMW M4 GT3 will be coming to ACC in the near future. That's great, but correct me if i'm wrong but there isn't an M4 GT3 taking part in the WDGT championship? so if we don't need official SRO content anymore well then...Nordschleife confirmed...ok maybe not.

With this latest video from Boonatix, it allows our imagination to run wild for a few minutes and investigate what might be in the works. Personally I hope that we get some of the American tracks as they are some of the best in the world in my opinion. This might be tricky though given covid restrictions but you never know.

What would you like to see in ACC next?