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What RaceRoom does best | Opinion Piece - Ben Harrison

This is the second in the series from our friend Ben Harrison from La Broca Sim Racing. This time Ben takes a look at the ever improving title from Sector3 Studios, RaceRoom Racing Experience.

In this series Ben takes a look at the various sims out there and gives us his opinion on what each title does best, this week it's the turn of RaceRoom to go under the microscope. Strap yourself in as this one is sure to get people talking.

Ben makes some compelling arguments about some of the features in which I didn't expect to be top of his list. I thought he might reach for something like the car sounds. The sounds in R3E are nothing short of amazing and when people compile lists of what parts they would take from each sim, the sounds from RaceRoom are on most.

One thing which I completely agree with Ben on is the new Force Feedback. I've said it before and I will say it again. If you haven't tried RaceRoom since the latest FFB update, you owe it to yourself as a sim racer to go and try it as it's improved the driving experience a lot. I wasn't surprised to see FFB on Ben's list of what RaceRoom does best, but like he says in his video, FFB is subjective so it will be interesting to see what others think.

Instead Ben looks at some other features which may have been overlooked by some. RaceRoom is one of my favourite sims and I have put a ton of hours into it but Ben has introduced me to content I might normally have overlooked in the game and this video has once again reignited my intrigue and I will be firing up the sim soon to give his latest suggestions a try.

What do you think RaceRoom does best? What do you think of Ben's list? Let's have discussion in the comments section.

This is the second series we have done with Ben from La Broca Sim Racing. If you aren't yet familiar with Ben's content please give his YouTube a visit and consider subscribing for some excellent sim racing content.

If you are a content creator and wish to collaborate with RaceDepartment, please give me a shout via direct message.
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Steve Worrell
A motorsport fanatic and sim racer for over 20 years. Content creator for RD, and MD at Simracing.gp. Favourite sims include ACC, AC, RF2, AMS, WRC9 - VernWozza#7419 @vernwozza


King of audio for a long, long time

You can test drive ANY car before you purchase

And in the immortal words of Tony Soprano, "Not for nothin' but I like the graphics and I don't need ta steal no top end video card ta play it"
(okay, he probably didn't use those exact words) :D
Yet there is a major issue and no one is able to play the game because the server is offline
I love just how it conveys to me better than alot of other sims out there that this is what a racing car feels like, Netkar Pro was similar in that aspect also imo.
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Sound, AI, weight transfer are my 3.
Though I am unsure if it is the physics of weigh, or the FF communicating it.
FWIW I haven't found a sim yet that has incorrect lateral load transfer. Like, if that's wrong, then your entire kinematic solver probably doesn't work.
Did you seriously just say that ACC updated their FFB to feel more like Race Room? I don't think they really care what Race Room feels like.
Yikes. Definitely did not say that. Regardless, in my opinion RaceRoom has superior ffb anyway. If ACC keeps improving like they have been they could get there.
I fire up R3E today and for me the graphics really look outdated. I think I'll uninstall it for now and wait until Sector3 update it to a better graphics engine. In the meantime, AMS2, ACC and AC will keep me entertained.
I haven't played R3E for a long time. Two issues for me: the much too aggressive AI and the sensitivy of the throttle/brake pedals. Whenever I slightly pressed the brake, the wheel would lock up. I tried all kinds of setting on my wheel base and in the game options but I still found the pedals much too sensitive compared to other games. (I have a Fanatec CSL Elite and CSL pedals.) Eventually, I just got tired of trying all kinds of settings with little results and I gave up.

It's a shame because R3E has some of the very best content in any sim. Amazing selection of tracks found nowhere else and they do touring cars better than anybody else. The WTCR cars are great fun. Their open-wheel cars never felt right to me, however.

Like many people, I believe the game needs a serious update. It feels very much like a game from 2014: no weather system, no night/day transition, nice but now outdated graphics. Not sure if they can upgrade the game without having to rebuild all the tracks and cars that they've done since the game was launched. However, I don't think they really have a choice because they are really getting left behind by other sims. Also, their economic model is a problem: if they upgrade, will the people who bought lots of content over the years have to buy everything back?
FWIW I haven't found a sim yet that has incorrect lateral load transfer. Like, if that's wrong, then your entire kinematic solver probably doesn't work.
I think it's more that R3E gets most suspension configurations and rates spot on, which is not a surprise given that they are owned by KW Suspension so can probably source a lot of data directly from the cars they work on.

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