What Are You Racing This Weekend?

With so many sims offering new or improved content in recent weeks, we want to hear where you are currently spending your sim racing time.

The amount of high-quality sim racing content we have available to us currently could almost be seen as an embarrassment of riches. There isn't enough time in most of our lives to learn and enjoy the abundance of content that we're presented with in our shared hobby.

Continuing our Have Your Say series, we want to hear what content has risen above the rest for you. Amidst the seemingly limitless options, where are you spending your sim racing time these days?

Here are some, though of course not all, of the content options currently grabbing headlines in the sim racing community:

rFactor 2's BTCC

The British Touring Car Championship was supposed to come to us in the form of a complete game, but what we got instead was a DLC offering for rFactor 2. And it is fantastic. Studio 397 seems to have captured the wheel-to-wheel, curb-launching appeal of the series with just two cars and two new tracks.

Automobilista 2's Improved GT and Prototype Cars

Two years after launch, Reiza Studios is still hard at work bring significant updates to AMS2. Among the changes brought to the sim in version were noticeable updates to the tire feel in many of the more popular car classes in the title. GT3, GT4, Porsche Cup and DPi were among the cars affected by these changes, and the community response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Assetto Corsa's Miami International Autodrome

The perpetual stream of content for Assetto Corsa gives us the opportunity to drive the latest cars and tracks making headlines in the real world of motorsport. This was evident recently as RaceDepartment member Pyyer released and updated the Miami International Autodrome Assetto Corsa mod to mirror the real F1 action this past weekend.

Let us know on Twitter @RaceDepartment or in the comments below where you are choosing to spend the majority of your sim racing time this weekend. Whether it's any of the above options, other new cars or tracks, or older sim racing content.
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I have been obsessed with sim racing and racing games since the 1980's. My first taste of live auto racing was in 1988, and I couldn't get enough ever since. Lead writer for RaceDepartment, and owner of SimRacing604 and its YouTube channel. Favourite sims include Assetto Corsa Competizione, Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2, Automobilista 2, DiRT Rally 2 - On Twitter as @simracing604


ACC for the sheer fun of it, MotoGP22 to finish the Tutorial. AC to drive the Miami Track and F1 2021 for the Weekly Event. Finishing it off with the zaniest hang on for dear life driving experience of them all Automobilist 2! I may or may not start up rFactor2 even though there have been 2 updates since I last played.
rfactor 2 with recent updates, sound immersion and more updated content is fantastic in VR. So clear, sharp, amazing sense of presence. Also did AMS 2, but will be back to rfactor 2 this weekend.

With the seemingly slower AI since the last update, I'll be seeing if I can still beat the AI at 110.
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make sure you stiffen the springs a couple of click & raise the ride ht a few mm from the default setup on the Oreca. It likes to drag it's floor at around 315kph(195mph)
If Just Reiza would go fullblown into creating the orig Panoz Deltawing with its VERY special diff and physics characteristics.
Ohh man.:laugh:
Then I would probably use all my freetime trying to top all the TT LBs in AMS2.
I would name this BrunoBæs TT masacre. :roflmao:

ByTheWay: As can be seen in one of the pics a modder has allready made a fake version for rF1.
"fake" because it just used the physics from another rF1 formula car.
The other pic is the phantastic looking orig Indy version of this Area 56 futuristic vehicle. :D

Delta Wing US.jpg
Found it really interesting to read what everyone is driving or racing, and I'd love it if RD posted this sort of question more often. Interesting to get a sense of what people are actually playing (not just which games get people tapping excitedly on their keyboard :p)

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