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What AMS2 does best | Opinion Piece - Ben Harrison

If you are new to sim racing it can be a bit of a learning curve understanding where to start. We have teamed up with content creator Ben Harrison to provide a guide to what each sim does best to make navigating the various sims a bit easier.

As well as helping newcomers understand what each sim has to offer, it's also a chance for everyone else to discover something new. Ben kick's off this new series with Automobilista 2, a sim that is very much on the up and up at the moment. If you haven't checked out the Reiza title yet then now might be the time to do so.

It's clear that the visuals in AMS2 are fantastic, especially the day to night transitions and the various weather conditions but there is a lot more to the sim than that. Ben takes a look at some of the parts of the sim which he thinks sets it apart from the other titles out there.

One particular aspect that I like in Ben's video is detailing the variety of options that are on offer in AMS2. Simply put no matter what your racing tastes are, there is likely something for you to enjoy in this sim.

What do you think of Automobilista 2 and what do you think it does well?

This is the second series we have done with Ben from La Broca Sim Racing. If you aren't yet familiar with Ben's content please give his YouTube a visit and consider subscribing for some excellent sim racing content.

If you are a content creator and wish to collaborate with RaceDepartment, please give me a shout via direct message.
About author
Steve Worrell
A motorsport fanatic and sim racer for over 20 years. Content creator for RD, and MD at Simracing.gp. Favourite sims include ACC, AC, RF2, AMS, WRC9 - VernWozza#7419 @vernwozza


For me its just a very easy sim to boot up & race in, at least for one player in vr. I think modded AC has more historical cars & tracks but AC it a bit more laborious to set up. RF2 is even more of a pia. Raceroom is similar easy to setup a race but i just think ams2 has taken the crown over Raceroom as a complete package.
I like the variety of cars and tracks and ease of which I can fire up the game and enjoy high graphics settings. Although I do not race much in wet the ability to transition through multiple weather scenarios in a single race is awesome. Lastly, it's nice to know my investment keeps on delivering new content and frequent updates.
I agree on all points!

AMS2 and AC are one of my most played sims right now.

AMS2 really does bring you another experience outside the default GT3 racing scene and we are spoiled with lots of great tracks that we never heard of. Pair this with racing cars that you usually don't see in other sim titles and you got yourself a great combo.

Slick ui, great gameplay features and fantastic FFB with some great sound. Performance wise its amazing and things just work.

Will AMS2 ever be an huge online sim? Maybe not. But as someone who loves to replicate races new or old, this sim just gives me all that joy.

If you enjoy sims like AC and Raceroom i'm sure you will love this too.
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ams2 have the best graphic game best online and best physic but 3 problemes i found it in ams2 :
-hard to drive with controller
-no mods (cars and/or tracks) to play it
-dlc price is expensive unlike ams1
but i hope reiza fix at least the drive with controller its hard to play it unlike acc,rf2 and ams1
Started playing AMS2 more and more recently. Downloaded the rFuktor 5.0.4 file (https://forum.reizastudios.com/thre...ew-recommendations.11135/page-200#post-165268) it's made the FFB very nice on my CSW 2.5

I think one of the really nice things about AMS2 is the ease with which you can set up your own game online. If you've got a few mates to invite and race with you, it's literally just a few clicks.

I've also done some Reshade tweaking and the colours look less cartoony now.

Really nice sim.
f u l l f u l l y agreement with all the mentioned facts. As I was deep in AC+CSP+SOL for many years, REIZA took me away from this buggy, CDT, unBOPed and fitted with dumbs simulator. Now AC is the best screenshot sim in town atm.
Looking forward to what s next in AMS2
What does AMS2 do best?

A very good question!
Off the top of my head the things that stand out....

Little know south American content.
Retro content
Good graphics on a monitor.
Transitioning weather

The rest of the game is coming along and pretty good but I wouldn't label it "the best" as many parts of the game still need some work.
For me it does one thing best : the performance/visuals ratio

physics/ffb - looses to AMS1, rF2, different but for me tied with AC
visuals - looses only to a modded AC
content - looses to AC, tied with RRE
sound - looses to RRE
online - looses to few others

Don`t attack me. Its just my taste/opinion :)
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As you said in the video those 3 things are highly subjective

So here are my subjective arguments

The graphic is great but ... cartoonish similar to NFS or Forza Horizon 4 etc . It's a bit biased as i'm a professional 3D lighting artist so my expectations may be different from 99% of people. What is sure is I know what realistic 3D graphic is.

The weather is great but...certainly not the best in class dynamic weather system accross all sim. My argument is not really relevant here as I think that modded AC has the best weather system and graphic. I should not compare a vanilla system with a modded system.

The classic content are great...but RF2 has better and mostly free equivalent vanilla and mod contents. Plus the industry leading great handling. And the RF2 classic cars sounds are absolutely mental. AMS2 sound is flat and too smoothed.

The handling is good ...relatively good...personally AMS2 is the only sim that the handling feels boring even after the latest update. I don't have the "fantastic fun" feeling. But that's just my opinion.

Anyway I think is If AMS2 don't take off after all those RD "boost" articles , there should be a problem.
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I'm glad this video mentions the Brazilian content, which is my favorite part of AMS2. The stock cars are really great fun to drive, and it's interesting to try lesser-known categories like the Brazilian prototypes. The Brazilian tracks are short, fun and offer some interesting challenges, plus it's nice to get away from Spa, Monza or Silverstone once in a while! The new CART cars are amazing, can't wait for the rest of the pack and Road America.

I know AMS2 is not perfect, but it has improved greatly. I agree with those who prefer the Unreal graphic engine, but the graphics in AMS2 are great nonetheless.
Playing rF2 with a controller is not hard? Heh, I must try it one day :-D
in rf2,ams1,and acc i can drive ez with my controller but in ams2 its possible but you need to be pro specially when you drive formula cars

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