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TCR Virtual | Tournament Details & Sim Racing Expo Opening Event

TCR Virtual takes to the track at SimRacing Expo 2021. This opening event showcases the officially licensed TCR mod for Assetto Corsa and reveals information about the tournament hosted on Simracing.GP

The first esports tournament open to the general public organised by WSC, the governing body responsible for TCR racing all over the globe kicks off this weekend at the Sim Racing Expo in the form of a showcase race featuring real world TCR drivers, Esports pros and RaceDepartment team members.

This will be the first time the world will see the TCR mod created by WSC for Assetto Corsa to be used in the TCR Virtual competition taking place on Simracing.GP. The download for the public release will be available on October 18th, the launch date of the public competition.

The prizes up for grabs are impressive. €10,000 in cash prizes are shared amongst regional winners as well as a test drive in a TCR car for the overall winner.

Watch the TCR Virtual showcase today

Tune into the Sim Racing Expo coverage today around 13:15 BST / 14:15 CEST and watch the TCR Virtual opening showcase event here

Tournament Details

TCR Virtual is like nothing that’s gone before. The brief from WSC was to get as many people racing as possible so that’s what is being delivered. Thanks to the powerful server management tools from Simracing.GP; gone are leaderboards to determine the fastest 20 hotlappers and in comes a knockout tournament where consistency and race craft are rewarded.

To qualify for the tournament you must signup to Simracing.GP and find the TCR Virtual Hub and take part in a qualification race where the only objective is to finish the race with no incidents. Upon completing the qualifying race you will unlock the regional knockout brackets where you will join regional tournaments.

The Regional knockouts last five weeks, each week being a single round in the knockout tournament. To compete in a round you must take part in a heat, of which there will be an unlimited amount to accommodate as many driver that wish to take part.

The top 50% of the field will progress to round two and the bottom half will be eliminated from the tournament. The number of drivers progressing from the following rounds will reduce as the competition gets stiffer.

TCR Virtual Cupra.png

An esports tournament for everyone

The tournament has been designed in such a way that everyone gets a chance to race in the actual championship which the eventual winner will be taking part in. If like me, whenever you see an esports competition with public access and see it’s a hotly leaderboard to qualify I immediately say “forget it, I’ve got no chance”. However, we all love to race and in the context of a race, anything can happen and if you posses consistency and race craft you will have more than a good chance of making it deep into the tournament.

Stay tuned for more information on TCR Virtual over the coming days and if you haven’t already done so, sign up to simracing.gp and discover a world of competitive online Sim racing.
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Steve Worrell
A motorsport fanatic and sim racer for over 20 years. Content creator for RD, and MD at Simracing.gp. Favourite sims include ACC, AC, RF2, AMS, WRC9 - VernWozza#7419 @vernwozza


I am curious to know what build of AC this is. There are track assets that are not in the vanilla game.
I was hyped by this tournament like I've never been for an esport tournament (and it's a great way to use simracing.gp, I haven't take part in any race there since RD's MazdaCup last year).
Is the community there already open? I can't find it apparently :redface:
Wow, what an Incredible competition! This must've taken a lot of effort, so well done to all involved. (Also, nice to hear Paul Jeffrey's dulcet tones once again, it's been too long)
Nice to hear Paul on the voiceover. Hello Paul ! :thumbsup:

just watching the ADAC livestream. That's a BIG Racedepartment backdrop to the TCR presentation, Bram! Awesome !
Dear Raceroom
I am wondering if I can get Elantra N TCR mod for Assetto Corsa. I've seen it from Showcase @ ADAC Simracing Expo. Please give me information.
This is so neat!!! I'm only wondering why they had to make a mod for AC rather than use the Raceroom assets. (Not a complaint... these cars will be brilliant in AC and always love licensed content!)
I'm just wondering if this doesn't look bad on the Raceroom devs, who are doing an awesome job with these cars.
Can I ask do we have to sign up for this to get the cars or will the cars be widely available without sign up?

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