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TCR Virtual - Officially Licensed TCR Esports coming to Simracing.GP

Introducing TCR Virtual. The official TCR Esports competition is coming soon to Simracing.GP in a groundbreaking format aimed at mass participation.
  • WSC group licensed esports competition using TCR cars
  • Revolutionary tournament format open to all drivers
  • Global competition with continental tournaments
  • First major competition to be held on esports platform simracing.gp
  • Officially licensed TCR mod for Assetto Corsa using real world data
  • Year-round series competition
  • Coming late Q3 2021
30th April 2021 - WSC and RaceDepartment announce a partnership to produce TCR Virtual, a simracing esports tournament to be held on the new motorsport esports platform Simracing.GP. Taking place on Assetto Corsa the tournament will include a brand new officially licensed mod featuring up to 12 cars from the TCR portfolio. Using data from real world teams and manufacturers this will be the most accurate representation of TCR cars to date. Both entry to the tournament and downloads of the requisite content will be free of charge.

A key principle for TCR is to make competitive motorsport accessible to as many people as possible and this ethos is carried over to TCR Virtual. To make this competition more than just the same 50 fastest drivers, the rule book has been torn up and fresh thinking has been applied. Gone are hotlap qualifying systems and in comes a revolutionary tournament structure which will see every single driver compete in at least two races. This means skills like race-craft and consistency are what will see drivers progress, not single lap pace.

The tournament itself will be held on the innovative new esports platform Simracing.GP. With over 14,000 drivers from all over the globe already registered on the site the objective is to provide regional tournaments much like the real world TCR platform. TCR Virtual will be the first major esports competition to take place on Simracing.gp and will feature significant cash prizes.

As well as the flagship competition structure there will also be year-round TCR racing on Simracing.gp in the form of daily racing, championships and one off special events such as endurance races.

Detailed information regarding the tournament structure, schedule, prizes and how to enter will follow in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

About RaceDepartment
Founded in 2006 RaceDepartment has grown from a small community website to become the biggest sim racing website on the planet with over 1.6 million members and attracting over 6 million unique users per year. As well as publishing news on sim racing software, hardware and esports it is also a creative hub for the sim racing community with over 190 Terabytes of digital assets being downloaded each month.

RaceDepartment has a long history of broadcasting esports competitions on the popular RaceDepartment twitch channel working with brands such as SRO, Praga, G2 Esports and many more.

About Simracing.GP
Simracing.gp is a brand new esports platform built in partnership with RaceDepartment and developers Nascent. Simracing.gp offers communities and brands all the tools needed to organise complex championships and series with a simple user interface. Setting up championships on simracing.gp can be done in under 5 minutes with absolutely no technical server knowledge. Simracing.gp changes the game for brands looking to enter the esports space not just because of the lower barriers to entry but also because of the existing player base already on the platform. With over 14,000 players already registered on the platform activating tournaments has never been easier.

About WSC Group
WSC Limited, founded in 2014 by Marcello Lotti, is active in car racing as promoter and rule-maker.
The company has built itself an international reputation by conceiving and launching the TCR category that in four years has completely reshaped Touring Car competition on a global level.
TCR is based on standard hatchback or saloon cars powered by two-litre turbocharged gasoline engines. Since its inception, WSC Ltd – the owner of the TCR brand and technical regulations – has licensed the category to more than thirty championships and series all over the world, including the FIA WTCR – World Touring Car Cup.
Fourteen major car manufacturers are currently represented in TCR and nearly 1000 TCR racing cars have been built so far.

In the wake of that success, WSC focused on the application of the same concept to electric mobility and launched ETCR, the first global multi-brand racing category for electric Touring Cars, first adopted by the PURE ETCR series that kicks off in 2021.
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Steve Worrell
A motorsport fanatic and sim racer for over 20 years. Content creator for RD, and MD at Simracing.gp. Favourite sims include ACC, AC, RF2, AMS, WRC9 - VernWozza#7419 @vernwozza


There is still a fantastic TCR car for AC for free here at Racedepartment. Just test it.
For me it's the best TCR car available for AC at the moment. The physics were developed with the help of real world TCR drivers and the driving experience is really great.

This car is the actual reason why I spent the last two days wondering about TCR!
Looks great:)! Congratulations for this achievement :thumbsup: !

What are the TCR cars?
A full-fledged TCR mod is a great thing. I am curious if it will be as good as the official WTCR pack from Raceroom. Never too many front-wheel drive cars!
As it has all the timzones (in New Zealand), this is an amazing chance to race in a TCR series and I'm defo signing up.
Completely lost me at Assetto Corsa. It is not a good platform for racing or multiplayer, does a lot of other stuff well, looks great, is immersive and content is easily accessible but netcode, car on car contact and interaction and the physics engine is poor. Ah well, hopefully something like this comes about on a better format.
Have you tried Tamas Pongracz's TCR paymods?
He makes great models, but his physics are a bit half-assed, at least going by his DTM cars.

Really hope this is done well and legit, especially after all the "We stand with Mike" spectacle that went down earlier this year.
Last edited:
Completely lost me at Assetto Corsa. It is not a good platform for racing or multiplayer, does a lot of other stuff well, looks great, is immersive and content is easily accessible but netcode, car on car contact and interaction and the physics engine is poor. Ah well, hopefully something like this comes about on a better format.
Contact models etc, are all related to the model. If the creator is doing a proper job, they will ensure that the contact areas are correctly done, hence the Tommy78 mod.

Netcode is fine for me, physics depend on mod quality etc etc.
Your being unfairly harsh, clearly haven't tried some top quality mods that are out there

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