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Simracing.gp Recommends - Free ACC Stewarding Tools - RACE CONTROL

ACC Race Control is a tool developed by stewards for stewards. It's aim is it to make stewarding as easy and accessible as possible.
  • Free stewarding tools for ACC
  • Easily steward large ACC grids without monitoring cars in real time
  • Used and recommended by simracing.gp
  • Direct link to resource HERE
If like me you crave an authentic motorsport experience then you love racing online with live stewarding. When I started my own sim racing community I was adamant that it would feature live stewarding as I had competed in an RD championship which had Mr Paul Glover playing the race director role, and despite being on the wrong end of his decisions it felt authentic as hell.

The first couple of races I organised with my community I rather crudely tried to watch all the action in real time and call the penalties as I saw them. Quite frankly it was unmanageable. In steps Leonard Schuengel. Leonard was one of the first members in my newly founded community (ACCSS) and quickly became an integral part both as a driver and a steward. He started tinkering with the broadcast tool on ACC and found a neat solution for monitoring incidents on track, the result after nearly a year of development is the ACC Race Control App.

Powerful stewarding tools in ACC for FREE

The tool gives every ACC community the chance to conduct live stewarding with relative ease, just set the tool running and join the lobby and away you go. The tool has been so effective that simracing.gp has been using it for many of the races which require such management. We also recommend this tool to all new ACC communities coming on board to SGP as we trust it so much.

There are a few steps you need to follow to get it setup correctly but trust me when I say they are painless, If I can do it, anyone can. But when it is all set up and working you will get access to all the contacts on track in real time presented on an easy to use sheet. Replay times will be published along side the cars involved as well as displaying live race timings.

What can ACC Race Control do for you?

  • Display live timings with information such as lap times, lap delta, gap to the car ahead etc.​

  • A detailed list of all events that happen during a race including driver connections, disconnects, lap
  • A list of crashes which includes information on when they occurred and which cars
  • Exports incidents to a Google spreadsheet in real time for live or post race stewarding
  • Broadcasting controls such as change camera, focused car and HUD selection
Leonard being the legend that he is has offered this amazing tool for free, hosted here on RaceDepartment. So if you are an ACC community looking for some incredibly powerful live stewarding tools then look no further.

Knowing Leonard like I do he will hate me for this, but, if you use this tool and get value from it please make use of the donation button and help support this awesome open source project.

Learn more and Download the ACC RaceControl App for Free

Some quotes from communities on Simracing.gp using this tool already:

"It really helps with structure of stewarding. It is really easy to maintain overview of penalties and also time management. Lots of time saved where the incident app show replaytime, cars involved and what laps they are both on. "
Terry Farish, The Pit Crew

''When Leonard came up with the idea to live steward all the races in ACCSimSeries, i thought he was crazy, but he has spent so much time and effort developing this tool to help improve our driving standards tenfold over the course of multiple seasons! Every time I think it would just be easier to do post-race stewarding myself, i talk to my stewards, we open up the tool and it makes everything so much easier then having to do it all in the hours or days after the race has finished!
- Dan Terry, ACCSimSeries
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A motorsport fanatic and sim racer for over 20 years. Content creator for RD, and MD at Simracing.gp. Favourite sims include ACC, AC, RF2, AMS, WRC9 - VernWozza#7419 @vernwozza


Good evening The Stewarding Manager of The PitCrew here.

I 100% whole hearted support and absolutely love this application. You don't have to go through laps over laps over laps to find incidents and the drivers doesn't have to submit their own.
This is the best thing that ever happened to me in a position of race control and stewarding. I can't possibly recommend more than I'm already doing but it is so worth trying out.
I've used this tool extensively with ACCSS, it goes without saying that we could not have achieved the high standard of live stewarding without it there and during the recent RDGT series.

Of course you could try without using it, but why? It's a waste of your time.

This tool takes away all the heavy lifting so you can focus on stewarding, hands down the best tool available for any sim racing community hosting ACC races out there. Only beaten by SGP. (I'm so on brand right now)

Now we just need to ask @LennyS to make it compatible with other sims :whistling:
Been on the receiving end of this for almost a year now, and trust me: it's magic! I was in the league this was developed in from day one but only ever as a driver and the way the on-track experience has developed in sync with the tool is amazing: You are an idiot in lap2 and give the car in front that touch which sends it off, you swear at yourself and go on; two or three laps later you hear a voice on your intercom telling you you've just been handed a 10 sec penalty, the same verdict appears on screen in case you have switched off your com. You go into pits a little later and sure enough: before the pit crew starts their dance you have to sit out your 10 secs. It's brilliantly close to real life and also leaves the games' calls intact, so if the game gives you a penalty, e.g. for track limits abuse, that is still there as well. Thx for Leonard, it's brilliant!
We tried this last night. It is a huge help. You do have to review every love tap and trading of paint, but you can be sure that you didn't miss anything.
Was looking for something similar when I stepped onto this one. It does way more than I need, I guess it's exactly what you need to host an event. Since I don't use it for broadcasting/stewarding but just for the live timings is there a way to disable the double click to focus, it's kinda dangerous if your race engineer can change your POV while driving.
Thanks for making this free to use!
Now that sounds like some really helpful tools, as human race control has been rather helpful in my experience, sorting out problems before they could reappear again.
Much more helpful than the internal systems.
Live Stewarding is something I'd like to see more often, as it really improves the quality of the race.

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