The new sim racing platform has moved into open beta state meaning it is open for everyone to try. It's been a long time coming but is now in a position to allow people on to stress test the platform. Welcome to the party folks!

Simracing.GP puts event organisation in the hands of those with a vision. No longer are you required to know how to configure a server and be sapped of energy compiling entry lists and parsing results files, if you have an idea for a sim racing community you have everything you need here to get up and running. SGP currently offers three titles on the platform, AC, ACC and RaceRoom which should be enough to get you racing and having some serious competition.

There are no rules in terms of how you set up your community, If you want to organise MX5 races in AC on Mondays, RaceRoom 90s DTM on Wednesdays and ACC GT3s on Saturdays you can, and there is more to come too. A significant update to the platform will enable teams driving in ACC so get ready to host those driver swap endurance races, moreover Automobilista 2 will be coming to the platform soon.

Race when you want - Don't let anyone dictate when you can race. With access to literally thousands of servers on SGP, you decide when you want to race. No need to book a slot in a calendar, no waiting for another race to finish before you can get on. You race on your clock.

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For drivers, there is plenty of opportunity to race. You can join in the daily races hosted by SGP, these are just for fun, but try your best as these results will be collected and used to create some awesome single player online experiences in the future.

Secondly you can join communities which host their racing on the platform. Simply browse the communities and find something which suits you and your tastes. You will find communities all offering different kinds of racing including daily races, rookies only or elite level, there is something for everyone. With so many communities coming on board we will be working with Grid Finder to integrate some of their powerful searching tools to make finding your perfect community even easier.

Finally keep an eye out for brand sponsored events and pro esports tournaments, these typically have prizes for both the fastest and most committed drivers. We open the platform with Fanatec and Next Level Racing both holding championships open to all drivers.

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The Fanatec series gives people the chance to win either a DD2 podium F1 set or a CSL elite + McLaren GT3 Wheel

Pricing is a community centric platform and the pricing reflects that. For drivers you can race for free in the SGP daily races and with as many communities as you like, but when you upgrade you can choose to donate part of your subscription to support the communities you race with. This is a great way to support both the development of the platform and the communities which spend hours of their own time running their organisations.

This means that the communities which host events can claw back their membership costs through donations and acquire more server time if required. Eventually communities will be able to use any surplus credit to use on a platform store or even cash out the additional funds.

For organisers there is competitive pricing for use of all the tools in one place, servers, entry list management, championship manager etc. With SGP you aren't just renting a server, it's all the tools that goes with it.

For more information and full pricing options visit the website -

So, there it is guys, the platform is open for you to try. There is a lot more to come which we aren't quite ready to share just yet but the bulk of the platform is live.

Useful links
Simracing.GP Website
Simracing.GP Forum
Simracing.GP Discord

We look forward to seeing you on track!
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Congratulations on the release everyone! Been with the platform for a while now and it's absolutly amazing! Can't wait for the things to come!
Paul Glover
I'm a bit biased but I don't care!

Loving SGP and what it can do for communities, I've taken part in community races on the platform as well as hosted them for RD back in early beta days. Great to see where it started and where it is now.

Keep up the great work team.
Steve Worrell
Hi guys,

Getting a lot of people trying to use the platform all at the same time. We are managing the load. It will be up again soon.

Thanks for your interest though hahaha
while trying to connect to, i got {"message": "Endpoint request timed out"}
This is fantastic news. I have been using the platform for months and it is brilliant being able to find a race to do each night.

But please add Rfactor 2! It's a nightmare to set races up on it, and having SGP would take some of the pain out of it!
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