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SimRacing Expo 2021 | First Exhibitors announced

Here is who you can look forward to when the Expo takes place at the legendary Nürburgring from September 17th to September 19th!

The ADAC SimRacing Expo 2021 is a major highlight of the sim racing year, with the three-day event celebrating everything to do with virtual racing, showing sim racers the latest innovations and hosting multiple renowned exhibitors. The first batch has already been confirmed

It is hard to imagine that there is any sim racer out there who is looking for high-end pedals,
handbrakes or shifters and has not heard of Heusinkveld yet. The Dutch company has a passion for producing the best possible equipment to take to the virtual race track, and at SimRacing Expo 2021, you will be able to try some of its peripherals to get a taste of their professional SimRacing gear. Additionally, Heusinkveld is involved in the competitive part of the Expo as well, as it is the replay sponsor of this year's SimRacing Trophy whose Community Trophy is already underway.

ActoRacer is also looking to provide high-end sim racing experiences by taking sim rigs to a new level: Direct drive, motion systems, immersive sound – ActoRacer provides sim racers with a complete package, even including PCs in their builds. The company builds simulators at-home and professional use. Sound interesting? At SimRacing Expo 2021, you can try their rigs for yourselves!

In a similar vein, Canadian manufacturer D-BOX strives to achieve more immersion in sim racing via motion rigs. The Quebec-based manufacturer takes virtual drivers one step closer to feeling like a real racing driver – and do the same for actual racing drivers as their systems are used in pro simulators and are even certified by the FIA. Experience D-BOX's motion feedback system at SimRacing Expo 2021!

A household name not just in Germany and co-host of the Expo, the ADAC is going to feature as an exhibitor as well! The automobile club will offer information about memberships and also present three of its current SimRacing leagues.

While not physically attending, Next Level Racing will be part of the Expo as a digital exhibitor. The Australians produce various types of sim racing rigs, wheel stands and motion platforms and
partners with multiple well-known manufacturers and organisations like Mercedes-Benz, Bosch and even NASA. Next Level Racing will hold a B2B keynote that visitors can watch on a live stream
before doors open for the Expo.

As media partners for the event RaceDepartment will bring you all the action. Stay tuned for more updates on this year's expo.

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I would think given the current devastation in the immediate area, coupled with ongoing covid restrictions across borders, it's very unlikely this will go ahead. Great shame. Onwards to next year ?

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