All next week, the RaceDepartment Racing Clubs throw open their doors, put out the welcome mat, and help lower the barriers keeping you from racing with us online.

RaceDepartment is home to millions of enthusiasts. Enthusiasts who share a passion for racing in general and sim racing in particular. Indulging that passion means that we host races through the week in a variety of sims catering to every skill level, and every taste in motorsport: from historic racers to modern F1 and Indy cars, from bare-bones econoboxes to Starship Enterprise complex LMP prototypes. If you'd like to take part in these races but have been hesitant about taking the plunge, then we have some news that's tailored just for you.

All next week, starting Monday, we will be conducting Rookie Race Events that are aimed at easing you into racing with us here at RaceDepartment. Racing the AI or hotlapping have their place, but nothing quite equals the give-and-take of racing with people, lap after lap, minute upon unpredictable minute. Taking to the track with real people trains different parts of your racing reflexes: when to brake late and when to hold back; when to push and when to pace yourself; how to save your tyres and fuel for a 60-minute race or how to drive flat out for a 20-minute sprint. You develop this racecraft in club races just by taking part regularly.

3d Trainer.jpg

If you feel nervous at the thought of racing real people, don't be, we are here to help. We all had to start somewhere, and we all know the feeling of losing the training wheels of offline-only driving & taking the plunge into online racing's uncertainties. If you have braved the wilds of public servers and thought "never again", then think again. Our club races, with rules and real names, promote the cleanest racing you will ever experience online. These are no-pressure fun races - there's nothing at stake except a bit of pride and a couple of hours of your time.

We have selected a series of beginner-friendly cars and tracks across all the sims we use here at RaceDepartment. What's more, the race hosts and, indeed, most of your fellow racers, will be happy to share setups and driving advice through Discord. We encourage chat in our club races, as they are as much a nightly social event as an out-and-out racing contest.
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How to Take Part

There are a selection of Premium and non-Premium member races on offer. Just navigate to the race thread for the race you wish to join and sign up. It's that simple. The race host will then pm you the password and any details that you need to know about rules, race time, or other relevant information.

So, what are you waiting for? Dust off that wheel, check the Race Club forums or the Weekly Race Club posting for the races on offer, and make the hardest of hard decisions: do I dip my toe in and do a short sprint race? Or do I take the plunge and jump into as many races as I can? Either way, you'll find a warm welcome, with an invite to "come on in, the racing's fine."