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The release of RiMS Racing is not far off anymore, with the bike racing simulation set to be available on August 19th.

Publisher Nacon and developer RaceWard now released two dev diary videos giving virtual riders insight into the work that goes into the game and revealing interesting facts along the way.


The first video centers around realism and how the team achieved it. They explain how and what they researched, put emphasis on the mechanics of a bike being part of the experience and talk about the cooperation with Ducati. The manufacturer’s official test rider Alessandro Valia got to try the game and is impressed with its handling, he says – so hardcore bike fans will have lots to get excited about.


Focus on the second dev diary lies on the game modes and some of its content. Specifically, Suzuka, Silverstone, Fuji and the no longer operational Monsanto circuit are mentioned as race tracks that are going to be included, as well as five open roads. Interestingly, players will be able to add and upgrade a number of components on their bikes, which is going to change their behavior – so building your dream bike with your preferred handling characteristics is going to be possible in RiMS. RaceWard even paid lots of attention to authentic rider equipment to make the experience as close to real life as possible.


With the release of RiMS Racing around the corner is time to kickstart yet another simracing community. In the newly released forums you can ask all your questions, start discussions and we have already created a fresh database for RiMS Racing mods where you can release all your creativity.
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Life-long motorsports and racing game fan as well as racing history enthusiast. I write stuff here and on www.simracing-unlimited.com and try to be not too mediocre when sim racing with varying degrees of success :confused:


I tried the demo and didn't like.

They are on the right patch, but the physics still very stiff. I compare them with Milestone games and there is a huge gap between them. But I root for this new studio because they are full of very good ideas that can be better developed trough the years... and because Milestone have some "tendencies" to mess up with things that are working fine and is very negligent or don't have their concepts in the right place with things that are fundamental to the genre. Even if they still deliver the very best bike games on marketing, these games still have too much to be improved. Realistic bike game (because it's hard to deliver a simulator and for this reason I can accept good simcades) is a niche that need more titles.

Hope 2021 will be the year we'll see proper motorbike simgear. I would be so into bike racing games like this one if I didn't have to race it with a controller
The problem with proper motorcycle sim gear is the expense. You have to be able to sit on it and have highly accurate leaning to simulate banking, also, there's the front wheel lift, NON of this is going to come cheap enough for mainstream simbikers unfortunately, it would make the price of full car racing rig look like small change.
I tried the demo, it isn't for me for one reason: the physics.
No matter what I did I couldn't get the front tyre to break traction. At Zolder I could dive into any corner and use full front break while leaving right over...no crashing or anything untoward happening.
It's exactly the same as TT IoM 1&2. I'm looking for 'more'. Many people will be happy with the game, but to save disappointment, it's an arcade game. Don't buy the game unless you're OK with arcade games.
I ride irl, none of these motorbike 'sims' will replicate riding like a decent sim racing rig will do for cars. I prefer stuff like Drive club bikes that's just fun.
I'd be happy with just a handlebar setup for around 150-200 quid, really miss twisting the throttle and two finger braking. Christ not ridden a bike since 2004...gawd where has the time gone!
Needs a lot of work. The grip is like all or nothing. The camera is way too tightly tied to the bike, to the point that when the rear or the front moves, the entire camera moves. The one thing they got absolutely perfect, is the sound. Whatever the used to capture and edit the sounds, should be used in every single racing game. It's phenomenal.
It terms of graphics it's bad. It's KT engine so no reason to expect any better. But the bikes are modeled better than in Ride games. Even the brake disks have been properly modeled. Milestone cuts all kinds of corners in terms of bike models.
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