The release of RiMS Racing is not far off anymore, with the bike racing simulation set to be available on August 19th.

Publisher Nacon and developer RaceWard now released two dev diary videos giving virtual riders insight into the work that goes into the game and revealing interesting facts along the way.


The first video centers around realism and how the team achieved it. They explain how and what they researched, put emphasis on the mechanics of a bike being part of the experience and talk about the cooperation with Ducati. The manufacturer’s official test rider Alessandro Valia got to try the game and is impressed with its handling, he says – so hardcore bike fans will have lots to get excited about.


Focus on the second dev diary lies on the game modes and some of its content. Specifically, Suzuka, Silverstone, Fuji and the no longer operational Monsanto circuit are mentioned as race tracks that are going to be included, as well as five open roads. Interestingly, players will be able to add and upgrade a number of components on their bikes, which is going to change their behavior – so building your dream bike with your preferred handling characteristics is going to be possible in RiMS. RaceWard even paid lots of attention to authentic rider equipment to make the experience as close to real life as possible.


With the release of RiMS Racing around the corner is time to kickstart yet another simracing community. In the newly released forums you can ask all your questions, start discussions and we have already created a fresh database for RiMS Racing mods where you can release all your creativity.
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