rFactor 2 | Screen Space Reflections, UX Improvements And More In April Roadmap

Studio 397 have released the April edition of their monthly 'Development Roadmap' for rFactor 2 - giving more insight into the immediate development plans of the PC exclusive racing simulation.
  • SSR functionality coming.
  • Various user experience improvements in development.
  • New track reveal coming next month.

As is tradition for the Dutch based development team at rFactor 2, the end of the month brings with it their latest 'Development Roadmap' post - where the studio explains the current state of play within rFactor 2, take a look at some new things on the horizon and offer a short review of what has been happening over the course of the previous four weeks.

In this latest post, the team have highlighted a new development for the simulation, in the form of Screen Space Reflections (SSR), a technology that should allow the studio to produce higher quality and more detailed reflections within the simulation - especially useful for driving in wet or damp conditions. In other interesting news, the team have outlined a collection of fixes, improvements and new features that are set to be brought to the title in the immediate future, including substantial work around first time user experience, additional hardware support and other UX themed improvements.

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Reflections are some of the biggest hits to performance. Once I learned that I lowered or disabled them all in every sim and what you're left with is a subtle lighting effect that suits me perfectly as a "reflection" but it's also higher performance.

SSR should be cheaper on hardware to generate.

So, getting "real" reflections + higher performance than previously is great.
Reflections are cool and realistic looking, of course, but this adds more blinding whitish
colours to the Sim. It's alright, but to me the skies are still too bright, and along this...
keep complaining you become an old man sim racer......... but don't forget to enjoy what we do have :)
l really enjoy what rF2 has to offer, in fact it has become the only sim I drive now.
Despite that however, I feel that they should fix all the legacy bugs before developing new features. ( and please finish the bloody never-ending-story of the UI at last, how long will it be till it works properly?)
Otherwise, it's a bit like buying new alloy wheels for your car, despite the fact that the brakes and steering don't work properly :)
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