RaceRoom's 2H of Bathurst Runs This Friday Including a Live Broadcast

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RaceRoom's latest high-profile Ranked server event is a 2-hour GT3 event scheduled for this Friday, May 13th.

If a full send launch through the Sulman Park corner, holding position bumper-to-bumper through The Dipper, or a final brave lunge into Murray's corner sound like elements of an ideal Friday night in to you, RaceRoom has you covered.

R3E is hosting an event this Friday with multiple tiers of drivers, including a top-tier race which will be broadcast live. The event is scheduled for this Friday, May 13th across a variety of regions at 18:30 AEST / 19:30 CET / 19:30 EDT local times.

Online rating requirements are as follows for the various tiers:
  • Bronze - REP 75
  • Silver - REP 80 / RAT 1550
  • Gold - REP 85 / RAT 1700

The format is tried and true; a GT3 race at Bathurst. Fast and wide first and third sectors afford ample opportunity for overtaking, while a tight and winding second sector challenges your control over the car.

Qualifying for the broadcast race is open now and hosted through RaceRoom's in game competitions.

Depending on how the events play out, we could see the debut of the new safety car in RaceRoom. The Audi safety car was announced earlier this week via RaceRoom's Discord and social media.

It's hard to go wrong with this car and track combo, and this should be an exciting event. Let us know in the comments below if you plan to join the race.
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I really like what they're doing with R3E multiplayer.
Step by step, in the right direction.

I've not yet invested in R3E past Starter Pack level, but I might end up buying premium pack at their next sale. If only it had full day/night cycle and a little bit better visuals...
Great choice Raceroom! Dedicated one-off events for real world races like this one are a no-brainer. If I owned RaceRoom Bathurst and GT3s, I'd hop in to this for sure :) And if they do more events like this, might be a reason for me to pick up more content in R3E
I own a lot (most?) of the content in Raceroom but couldnt care less of just a further GT3 race. :rolleyes:
But Racerooms "reborn" of their competitions is a great initiative.

CatsAreTheWorstDogs: "Reborn" is used here because a lot of Raceroom´ers has for a long time pleaded for such a 2nd comming of ....;)
Latkovski masterclass in the broadcast race. I wondered where he was spending all his sim racing time lately after skipping the 2021 Gran Turismo series. Turns out he's a bloody good driver regardless of what sim engine you throw at him.

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