RaceRoom | Exciting Things In Latest Developer Notes Post

Sector3 Studios have dropped a rather tasty posting on their RaceRoom forum - detailing many of the very interesting plans in store for the simulation in the months ahead...
  • New TCR car in the works.
  • Improved and overhauled Force Feedback system coming soon.
  • Sparks and particles being worked on.
Pretty exciting words from the world of Sector3 Studios in recent days, the Swedish development team having dropped a surprise 'Developer Notes' post about some of the things that are happening behind the scenes - with plenty of work apparently under way on both features, graphics and content in the not too distant future of the title.

In terms of probably the hottest topic from the May Dev Notes post, RaceRoom Producer J-F Chardon has informed the sim racing world that RaceRoom is set to enjoy a whole new Force Feedback system - bringing the simulation feedback up to par with the latest physics improvements, and hopefully improving the driving experience for the many players of the title.

Old FFB:
  1. Steering geometry of the car is ignored, resulting in little differences in FFB between cars. It results in the steering torques being wrong, as they depend only on tyre forces rather than the actual characteristics of the car
  2. Lack of longitudinal tyre forces
  3. Lack of gyroscopic forces from the tyres
  4. The tyre forces from physics are badly translated into FFB torque
  5. Tyre contact patch movement is ignored, no dynamic change while driving
  6. Too many sliders in the FFB options menu, some of them making promises the FFB could not deliver
New FFB:
  1. Steering geometry is used: much more uniqueness between cars, the resulting steering torques have real meaning
  2. All tyre forces are taken into account
  3. Gyroscopic effects of tyres taken into account
  4. 100% Physics-based calculations
  5. Tyre contact patch movement is used: much more dynamic feel while driving
  6. Only crucial settings to adjust the FFB to the various steering wheels
Other highlights from the dev notes post include details about replay interface improvements and new UI options - plus sparks and dust particles are coming to the title... at some point in the future anyway...

All pretty exciting stuff indeed... check out the dev notes for the full details of what Sector3 have in store.
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Jesus Christ - and to think ALL THIS has been unrealistic up to now when the competition from other sims is THIS fierce...

Glad I haven't played it too much so far - probably won't play it in the future either; no laser-scanned tracks (bar Nords) is still a major turn-off for me. (Again, first-world problem, and only an issue because rival titles have such excellent track quality - 99-100% accuracy instead of just 90%.)

And to think how overpriced it is compared to Kunos and S397!? Jesus Christ...
Just turned on Sepang and again no smooth fps, even acc i get 75fps medium high on my 10600k 1080 ti, something wrong here, all other sims works perfect. Maybe someone has this problems as well? When turn back view, to look back everything on R3e roons smooth...
Wilko Jones
Oh no! My sliders are meaningless? Say it ain't so!

Seriously, I hope this update delivers. As a racing pleb, I know very little about FFB and all the talk about how bad the FFB is, sometimes has me wanting to check into their complaints. But doing that will kill all my enthusiasm about R3E. I'll just keep my fingers in my ears, and try my best to ignore the complaints. As long as Sector 3 hears and addresses it, then I can go on with racing. R3E has its flaws, but its a lot better than another title I use to play.

Bring on the FFB update. Somebody, somewhere has physically prepared their body for it. Me... I had cake.
RaceRoom already has much to offer imo but, new FFB could really enhance the experience even further. The spark effects appear to be nicely done too. Looking forward to playing RR again after a lengthy break from VR use (while my eyes recover).

RaceRoom may seem expensive but, at least Sector3 continues to build on what is already an impressive offering of content and consistent quality. Nice! :thumbsup:
FFB was the main reason why I do not play this game much, but this looks promising. Can it close the gap with rF2 in this area? We will find out!
me in a nutshell, loads of content from when i still used a g27, but ffb is so floaty on t500 i haven't even got it installed atm. will definitely try out the new ffb once it's finished.
"Too many sliders in the FFB options menu,..."
Man, I say this for years... the probability of messing things up are enormous...and not in a good way I mean...
If you you want to mess things up, put it it in an advanced menu or config file somewhere or something...

MISS (make it simple st***d :p)
Thanks Sector3 for this wonderful sim!
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I think my biggest 2 barriers to really getting into this game are the lack of custom liveries and driver swaps. 2 things that are never coming. It's unfortunate, because it really has the best set of classic sports cars in sim racing.
I used to love this sim but after the last FFb update I could never get the FFB feeling right, although recently I got it decent, I set it up with my motion and unfortunately it feels dead on the straights, little to no bumps etc
The tracks in RR don't seem to have detailed meshes. This does point to another area where the title could be improved to the benefit of FFB, tactile and motion effects.

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