Every week on RaceDepartment, we host a variety of fantastic races on a multitude of sim racing platforms. This week is Rookie Race Week, where the various race clubs open their doors, put out the welcome mat and lower all barriers to getting online and racing with your fellow RD members.

Race Club Weekly is your one-stop place to see what races we have on offer this week. So dust off those steering wheels, check your game has taken the latest update and clear your calendars for some excellent racing!

Racing This Week

May Ongoing Series
- Formula Agile Series
ACC - British GT Series

Whether you are a rookie racer or a seasoned veteran our casual club races are for everyone and every skill level. We combine fun events with discord chatter and a warm welcome to all our premium members.

How to join our races

We offer races currently on four sim racing games.
Assetto Corsa (AC) - Steam page
Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC) - Steam page
Automobilista 2(AMS2) - Steam page
rFactor 2(rF2)- Steam page

To compete in any RaceDepartment Club race, you must be a premium member (rookie races excepted). You must also use your real name on all RD servers and Discord, and include this in your forum profile. It is the only way of identifying who you are during an event.

Before any race, please make sure you have acquainted yourself with our Racing Club rules. These detail the conduct we expect from all racers. This is a tried and tested method which makes the racing fun, fair and clean for all involved.

If any of these races interest you, please visit the thread, post in it and join in the race. Once you sign up, the event organiser will give you the password to allow you to join the servers. Some races have the server open to allow you to get used to the car and track beforehand.

See you on track!

Screenshot: AMS2, Redvaliant​