New RD Podcast Episode Covers News From iRacing, AMS2, ACC and More

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In the newest episode of the RaceDepartment podcast, hosts Paul, Davide and Dani are back together in studio to discuss the biggest recent news from the world of sim racing.

What do cleaning, exercising, and sim racing have in common? They're all perfect activities to do while listening to the latest episode of the RaceDepartment podcast!

In the latest episode, our host team of Paul, Davide and Dani discuss some of the most interesting recent news from sim racing, including the following:
  • Nascar 21 Ignition Dev Update - Motorsport games has released a roadmap of what new content and features players can expect in the coming months in NASCAR 21: Ignition
  • iRacing Acquisition - iRacing has been busy on the business front recently, and has acquired some interesting teams from the racing game development scene
  • AMS2 Dev Update - The constant development from Reiza Studios for Automobilista 2 continues in 2022, and the team has given fans some notes of where their development priorities fall, plus some teasers
  • Fanatec BMW Pre-Order - The famous BMW M4 wheel from Fanatec that can be swapped from your sim rig directly into a race car and meet regulations is available for pre-order now
  • Jimmy Signs For Praga - Sim racing's biggest superstar has taken another step in the world of real auto racing by signing another deal with Praga
  • ACC Apps - There are numerous great add-on apps for Assetto Corsa Competizione to help you get the most out of the game, and maybe even an edge on the competition

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I'm still listening through it but Davide made a really good point (don't mean to giver him a big head ;)). I think we do need more complete series for car groups to engage more users. It's not only more pleasing to the eyes to see different manufacturers of cars racing around, but watching and racing unique characteristics of each is a blast. Hopefully we see more of that in the future.

Keep up the great work guys.
Will i-racing ever come to console? Probably not but even if it didn't, I doubt the reason is because consoles couldn't handle the processing power needed.

If they could run MSFS on console, surely they can run i-Racing. :)
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