New Mode, More Puzzle Pieces: F1 Manager 23 Officially Announced

Formula 1 fans who want to take the reigns of one of the world's premier racing teams can get excited for the upcoming months: F1 Manager 23 is set to launch this summer, including many requested additions and deeper management features alongside all teams and drivers of the 2023 season - and more.

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2022 marked the release of the first official F1 management game in 22 years - this time, the wait is significantly smaller, with F1 Manager 23 being due for release this summer. Developer Frontier has refined and builds upon its previous game, introducing various new elements to its new version.

F1 Manager 23 screenshot of Max Verstappen & Charles Leclerc battling in a race at Baku.png

Deeper Management, New Mode​

A new role is introduced in person of the Sporting Director, enabling players to have more influence on their pit crew, their training and risk management for pit stops - do you want to play it safe or rather see lightning-quick stops with a greater risk of major mistakes?

Weight is going to play a more important factor in car development as well. It is going to be crucial to find the right balance between speed and reliability. As races become more dynamic thanks to a new system that introduces different confidence levels for drivers, strenghts and weaknesses of each care are going to be even more important. More pieces than before need to be assembled to a potentially championship-winning puzzle as a result.

F1 Manager 23 screenshot of chassis development screen with Ferrari in the background.png

An all-new Race Replay mode revolves around scenarios from the 2023 season. The official announcement states that players will be able "to rewrite key moments from throughout the 23-race season" - an interesting tie-in with the real championship that allows players to come up with their own solutions to try and tackle problems and scenarios teams have faced on the real tracks.

Young Talent & Key Personnel​

Formula 2 and Formula 3 drivers are back in F1 Manager 23 as well, giving players the opportunity to scout young talent and develop their next star driver. The seasons of the junior championships are fully simulated, and like in the previous title, key team personnel of F2 and F3 teams can also be hired for the players' F1 team.

Broadcast presentation, including real team radio messages, is back as well with David Croft and Karun Chandhok on the commentary microphones.

F1 23 Manager Screenshot of Lance Stroll following George Russell & Lewis Hamilton in Bahrain.png

F1 Manager 2023 is coming to PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox Series X|S/One this summer. The game can be acquired as digitally as well as physically.

Its predecessor was received favorably, although an early announcement to end support via updates resulted in backlash from the community in October after the game had been released in August. Frontier subsequently reversed this decision and continued rolling out updates and patches, the last one of which has been released in early March of 2023.

Your Thoughts​

Are you excited for the new F1 Manager game? Have you enjoyed the predecessor? Let us know in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


One new game each year has the problem for previous owners to see the lack of commitment and key new features. Sadly, instead of allowing a DLC for this new year with such an update at a reasonable cost, and just release it as a new game as if it's a really new investment and hole new experience, is not something I do support.
So no buy for me, nor this, nor next one. Maybe a few years in the future, if the game is robust enough to make me rethink about the mistake I made supporting this game the first time.
I think the key feature that is lacking, is the ability to hire real eSport drivers and let them actually compete vs the computer. Imagine having the real world cash to rent Team Redline for a season!
I see they changed the UI a bit.
And going off that last picture of Stroll's helmet I can see they have not only screwed up car models this year, but also the helmets.
Be prepared for a BIG disappointment ladies and gentlemen.
Apparantly, I am the only one who is excited about this game. I likes the previous one. Yeah, it's not great and there are limitations. But I can see the fun factor in this game and I enjoy it for what it is. I never had high expectations and refrained from making all kinds of wishlists beforehand. I just want to see evolution, nothing more. What others do is their choice.
These manager-games you buy in a tic-tac way. You have 22. Then you buy 24. Maybe 25 or 26. You never buy a new version after the previous. Same applies to Football Manager, Out of Baseball, etc etc. Fifa, NBA, yeah.. money has involved a lot there due mtx and ultimate. Yeah, meh. I doubt someone should buy 23, tho. I did read there was a huge lack of support for 22.. Then it's basically shovelware.. Imagine a gamebreaking bug or so and it will be fixed until a new version.. That's FM too...
Last edited:
Ole Marius Myrvold
Apparantly, I am the only one who is excited about this game. I likes the previous one. Yeah, it's not great and there are limitations. But I can see the fun factor in this game and I enjoy it for what it is. I never had high expectations and refrained from making all kinds of wishlists beforehand. I just want to see evolution, nothing more. What others do is their choice.

I played 40 hours until the 3rd of September 2022. Haven't touched it since. Meant to many times, but it just hasn't tickled my pickle. It's a really shallow management-game. And somehow, I made the experience worse by doing the 5-part F1 Manager Games through history article-series here on RD. It just highlighted how many features from older games that we've lost.
Well an empty content like previous one. Dont modelize F2 and F3 driver, or at least do a different helmet paint job for each of those driver at the minimum. Even if isnt their real face. We wont get two dude on the main menu wearing the same helmet... if they got sign from outside F1. Well no, better to add feature we didnt ask...
Ole Marius Myrvold
Not in say Football Manager,but I'd say it's a must in this sort of game.

I know you can do it in Pro Cycling Manager, but in PCM your team get new sponsors and names even when you start with a real life team as well, so they have added quite a bit of freedom there!
You can actually "create your own team" in Football Manager. Sorta... in a way...

I would say it's more important to get proper managerial features in the game first though.
I will be buying the new game. Was F1 you drive (on PlayStation) perfect when first released NO it got a lot better every year. I like the 22 version of this game some didn't other peoples negativity wont put me off buying the 23 game.
Already confirmed as having Denuvo again on the Steam storefront. HARD PASS.

The development team behind Motorsport Manager has recently been hinting that they may finally be able to make a PC sequel to their game. Much better to hold out for that in my opinion.
Well this is underwhelming. Cant really see what they are adding beyond last years effort.

Sad state of affairs when Grand Prix Manager 2 & World are still the benchmark and offer more depth from over 20 years ago.

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