New Cars Coming to ACC in 2023, Big Update in the Works

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The Twittersphere has been ruminating in recent weeks about a major update coming to Assetto Corsa Competizione. What could it entail and what else is coming in the rest of 2023?

Assetto Corsa Competizione is a fan favourite among online racers. Focusing on GT racing, one of the most popular motorsports around, on some of the best tracks in Europe and the world, it certainly occupies a large place on the market. But news and updates have been few and far between in recent months leaving many a racer worried.

It seems there isn't a reason to be scared though as simracing Twitter has exploded recently over the potential for huge news. Even the official Assetto Corsa social pages have begun teasing at possible announcements. Get ready. Something big is coming.

Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.9 on the way?​

Popular YouTuber and ACC fan Jardier began whispers surrounding the next major release all the way back in January. After writing an open letter to the Kunos dev team showing his concern for the game's future, he got a reply stating that a roadmap was on the way detailing plenty of new content.

Ever since then, more and more influencers have jumped on the band wagon hoping for the release of this elusive roadmap. From Jardier alone, countless tweets referring to the lengthy gap since the last content drop and his hopes for an upcoming update have multiplied recently. But with these posts growing over the past 24 hours or-so, does he know something the rest of us don't?

This morning, he took to Twitter saying that, although unconfirmed, the upcoming update for ACC looks massive. Whether that means game-changing features, a large content drop or great improvement to the game's backend, we'll have to wait for official word from Kunos.

Many new ACC cars coming in 2023​

Around this time last year prior to the ACC Challengers' Pack drop, the Kunos development team mentioned that several new cars would be joining the simulator in 2023. Since then, not much has been heard concerning the new models. But based on developments in the motorsport world and what Kunos said in the past, we can work out what is planned this year.

New GT3 cars joining Assetto Corsa Competizione
In 2023, several new GT3 challengers are taking to the circuit for the first time. In the lead up to Le Mans 2024 in which GT3 machinery replaces GTE cars, manufacturers are busy updating or renewing their contenders. In total, three new or renewed cars join the GT3 field this year. Funnily enough, that's the same number of new GT3 cars Kunos said it would add in 2023.

Following on from its Audi sister car last year, the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 is getting an evolution package in 2023. The Italian bull retains its screaming characteristic as the V10 remains in what is being called the Evo II version of the car. Just like the three cars on the list, the Lambo made its competitive debut at the Rolex 24 earlier this year.

Set to be one of the prettiest cars on the GT3 grid in 2023 is the Ferrari 296 GT3. Its sleek design often compared to the Ford GT GTE that took victory at Le Mans in 2016, it looks set to compete at La Sarthe next June. Testing at Paul Ricard for GT World Challenge has shown this car off in beautiful colours, sure to make it a popular car when it lands in ACC.

Finally, the Porsche 992 GT3 R had a difficult start to its career at Daytona this January with controversial BOP. A wider machine than the 991 car, its accentuated haunches help it resemble the outgoing GTE machine from Stuttgart. Fans of the older GT3 car in ACC must not fear as this new model will keep the brand's legendary rear-engine design.

European GT2 Pack
Along with mentioning a trio of GT3 cars coming in 2023, Kunos announced last year that a GT2 pack was on the way for the new year. Well, we're here now so what vehicles can we expect in such a DLC?

The GT2 name may be old, but the category itself is a new one. Cars built with high power, low downforce and a focus on mechanical grip. These are the dream racing machines of rich amateur drivers, capable of near-GT3 speeds without the terror of aerodynamic grip.

The category started out with just a few models: the Porsche 911 GT2RS Clubsport and Audi R8 LMS GT2. Since then, boutique manufacturers Brabham and KTM have joined the fray with the BT62 and X-Bow respectively. However, series using these SRO regulations typically also accept several single-make cars such as Huracan Super Trofeo and Ferrari 488 Challenge, both of which already feature in ACC. For 2023, the Maserati MC20 and Mercedes AMG GT are also joining the party. But it will be unlikely that they make it into the DLC given an update is set to drop anytime now.

It's all well and good adding new cars to the party. But what the community is really crying out for is a more diverse track list. The game does its best to recreate the most prominent SRO Motorsports championship - GT World Challenge Europe and America, British GT and the IGTC. But even these series aren't complete with tracks missing from various years of each championship. Surely venues like Magny Cours, Sonoma and, for 2023, Yas Marina would help to fill the gaps more than new car classes.

Will a few cars and some feature updates satisfy your desires for Assetto Corsa Competizione?
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It would be nice if they can get the car physics/setup/bop back to a normal/real and good balanced level.
Currently you have to tweak the setup in a way that has not much to do with the"real" world.
This should be part of the next update. Check the AMA on Reddit:

"Mickey mouse setups are being targetted to be gone. I honestly believe that if we took away the mickey mouse setups that are currently available then the BOP would be really close."
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Kenny Paton
Nice news and hopefully they'll add some tracks and edge nearer to getting a complete series.
Sounds awesome, but I've always wanted prototype cars in ACC, it'd make the game the most feature rich multiclass endurance game ever.
Unless SRO merges with some league that has Protos, you won't see any in ACC. Same goes for the 24hr Nords series, unless SRO(note: SRO Stephan Ratel, not Kunos) strikes some agreement with the NLC/Adac, no chance Nords will be included. ACC is licensed as the OFFICIAL GT simulator, not LMPs, nor openwheelers or even a spec series like the Radical Cup.
I will certainly write the same thing for years on VAC. But it would have been nice if they would have respected their commitments on their website. Whether it is the animations in the pit-stops or the ray tracing (officially abandoned several years later).

I recognize nevertheless that ACC is just of a very high standard (if only the sound level) but it is far less accessible than Gran Turismo or Forza, this game is reserved for an elite nevertheless the sensations are cool.
Jan Larsen
Unless SRO merges with some league that has Protos, you won't see any in ACC. Same goes for the 24hr Nords series, unless SRO(note: SRO Stephan Ratel, not Kunos) strikes some agreement with the NLC/Adac, no chance Nords will be included. ACC is licensed as the OFFICIAL GT simulator, not LMPs, nor openwheelers or even a spec series like the Radical Cup.
I know all that, it was just wishful thinking.
Glad to see more content added to ACC, I was afraid Kunos was done with it and had moved all of its resources to AC2.

More tracks would be welcome. How about completing the American track pack? Three tracks were released, but the SRO series races at other tracks: Sonoma, Road America, etc.

There's also the possibility of Asian tracks, again from the SRO series.

As for cars, GT2 would be awesome, along with the new GT3 cars.
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