Need for Speed Unbound - Vol. 2 update

EA's newest entry in the Need for Speed series, Unbound, is set to receive its first significant update on 21st March.

The most important part is cop chases are now available online. The feature was curiously ommitted from online lobbies at release, which was especially surprising considering how much of a selling point the police gameplay is for NFS. This is now getting fixed, and players will be able to enjoy multiplayer chases, either by cooperating against the virtual law enforcement, or lure them onto other players.

New events will also be added in the game, bringing more variety to the current roster of solo events that turned out to be very repetitive to farm in the late game. Current playlists will be reshuffled as well, and new daily challenges will be integrated. Players will be able to get a Lotus Emira Balmain Edition through the new events.


And if you don't want to spend time scouting the whole map to try and find all the collectibles, you will now be able to pay real life money to get the Key To The Map paid DLC, which just pinpoints all these locations on your in-game map (and an extra outfit for your character).

People who played the game, will this update be enough to bring you back to it, or are you waiting for more?
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Not on my HD.
But there is actually some of the video sequences that looks quite photorealistic-ish:)
sorry, but for me the game already died a few weeks after release.
new cars are needed for the game
I never want these updates. They released a good game, I enjoyed playing through at Christmas. I'm done now.

Don't waste time on tinkering updates, make the next Need for Speed.
Need for Speed aint Assetto Corsa or rf2 or iracing...what is with dlc in an arcade game that has a lackluster story
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not playing another racing game that doesnt support clutch EVER again. will boycot them all its not that hard to make a game that has a clutch. and when they said u can turn off the anime crap and u couldnt until u mod your game with reshade ummm ya never again will i pay for a need for speed game. never. so until they make demos.. they will lose my money on everysale. and i generally buy all my racing games because the wheel and everything that i use. third part software and such. and racing games are always better when u can play online.

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