Sim racing hardware and software provider MOZA Racing has just released three new sim racing products: the MOZA CS Steering Wheel, MOZA SRP Pedals, and MOZA CM Digital Dash.

According to the China based manufacturer, the CM Digital Dash is specially designed and adapted for the brand's magnificent R9 Wheelbase (review), the CS Wheel works on all MOZA Wheelbases, and the the SRP Pedals are compatible with all sim racing gear on the market thanks to its direct PC connection. The newly released products are more affordable yet offer a realistic sim racing experience and amazing product quality.

MOZA CS Steering Wheel​

With its rim and base plate made from aviation-grade aluminum, the MOZA CS Steering Wheel offers exceptional quality and features a 13-inch / 330mm racing rim that provides a realistic racing experience.

Armed with a heavy-duty quick release to allow switching of the wheel within seconds without compromising rigidity, the new CS Steering Wheel also comes equipped with 6 programmable buttons.

In addition, to meet the complicated commands of most racing games, the new CS Steering Wheel offers drivers two universal joysticks and two rotary dials. Forged carbon fiber magnetic shifters with contactless photoelectric technology make the shift paddles extremely stable and mitigate shifting errors.

MOZA CM Digital Dash.jpg

MOZA CM HD Digital Dash​

The MOZA CM Digital Dash is a 5-inch colored HD dash, with 16.7 million colors and a 800 x 480 resolution that ensure stunning picture quality. The futuristic thin, floating dash sports a 60Hz refresh rate, and is compatible with most mainstream sim racing titles.

MOZA SRP Pedals.jpg

MOZA SRP Pedals​

Made from high-strength steel to ensure superior quality and exceptional endurance, the MOZA SRP Pedals come with adjustable pedal spacing and can be directly connected to a PC through the USB port. With a high-precision pressure sensor of up to 75Kg, drivers can better control pressure on the pedals with muscle memory, allowing for a smoother driving experience.

An anti-slip mat at the bottom prevents the pedals from slipping when used on a floor, while the SRP Pedal's design allows you to hard mount the pedals on cockpit pedal decks or brackets.

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