Let's Go Racing: Join Us For Touring Car Thunder Tuesday

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Different category, same kind of sequential stick shifting! After a fun GT1 Revival event right before Christmas, SimRacing Unlimited and RaceDepartment are hitting the track again: On Tuesday, January 18th, we are going to thrash around 90s BTCC cars at the AVUS and Norisring at 7.30pm CET - and you can join us once again!

The December throwback to roughly 2004 made for two great races at Donington and Spa-Francorchamps with a grid consisting of esports drivers and enthusiasts alike. Now, we are looking to go back a few more years and race at two classic German street tracks - touring cars and the Norisring and AVUS are just a perfect match.

Short tracks, close competition - we are looking for a fun evening on the virtual grids once again. If you want to be part of the action, join SimRacing Unlimited's community on simracing.gp if you are not part of it yet and register for the events - and give us your best John Cleland impression when going for first. We are looking forward to see you on track!
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